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rpcbind(8scl)							 rpcbind(8scl)

       rpcbind - universal addresses to RPC prgram number mapper

       rpcbind [ -d ] [ -w ]

       rpcbind(8scl)  is  a server that converts RPC program numbers into uni‐
       versal addresses.  It must be running on a host in order	 for  applica‐
       tions to be able to make RPC calls to a server on that machine.

       Refer to the Solaris rpcbind(1M) man pages for a description of all the
       available options with this utility.

       rpcbind(8scl) is a utility made available for use with the  RPC	compo‐
       nent  of the SCL (Solaris Compatibility Libraries).  rpcbind(8scl) is a
       direct port of the code placed  in  the	public	domain	by  Sun.   See
       scl_rpc(3scl) for more information.

       rpcbind(8scl) is used by the SCL RPC library to replace the functional‐
       ity provided by the standard portmap(8) program.	 portmap(8)  is	 hard-
       coded  to  bind	to  port  111 on TCP and UDP; therefore, rpcbind(8scl)
       should be configured to use a different (spare) port number.

       By default, rpcbind(8scl) is  located  in  the  /usr/opt/solcomplib/bin
       directory.   Refer  to  scl_intro(3scl) for information on how to use a
       different directory.

       rpcbind(8scl) uses the file scl_netconfig(4scl) to ascertain which net‐
       work devices are available for use by SCL RPC.

       rpcbind(8scl)  uses the services(4) file to determine which port number
       to use for TCP and/or UDP transports.  This file must contain at	 least
       one entry for the service scl_rpcbind.

       In addition to writing messages to the SCL error log, rpcbind(8scl) may
       use syslogd(8) to log diagnostic messages  when	running	 as  a	daemon
       (detached) process.

       Overviews: scl_intro(3scl), scl_rpc(3scl)

       Files: scl_error_log(4scl), scl_netconfig(4scl), services(4)

       Functions: rpcbind(3scl)

       Utilities: syslogd(8), portmap(8)

       Solaris man pages: rpcbind(1M), rpcbind(3N), rpcinfo(1M)

       Manual: Solaris Compatibility Library User's Guide


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