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scl_error_log(4scl)					   scl_error_log(4scl)

       scl_error_log  - describes the Solaris Compatibility Library error log‐
       ging features

       The Solaris Compatibility Libraries for Tru64 UNIX  will,  as  much  as
       possible,  return  the  same  error codes that are returned on Solaris,
       even though there may be different errors occuring within the implemen‐
       tation. In this case the actual error is mapped to the "best-fit" error
       that the Solaris function can return.

       In order to aid debugging, when	an  error  within  the	implementation
       occurs and is mapped to a different error code, SCL will write an entry
       to the SCL error logfile that indicates which  actual  error  occurred.
       This  error  log	 can thus be used to aid application debugging or when
       reporting problems with SCL.

       Use of the SCL error log is enabled by defining the SCL_LOG_FILE	 envi‐
       ronment	variable  to be the name of the file to which errors are writ‐
       ten, or stdout or stderr. No messages will be output if SCL_LOG_FILE is

       The content of the error log is similar to the following: 0.00008|0001:
       SCL Logfile initialized 0.00016|0001: Failed to initialize aio routines
       0.00016|0001: SCL Logfile being closed

       The numbers prefixing the message represent the time since the log file
       was initialized (in seconds) and the thread  sequence  number  that  is
       logging the message.

       The  messages written to the log file are obtained from a message cata‐
       log named This	catalog	 resides  in  the  lib/nls/msg
       directory  beneath  the	SCL  root  directory.  There is no support for
       internationalized messages.

       In order to locate the message file, one of two mechanisms can be used:
       If  the	LANG  environment variable is defined when SCL is installed, a
       link will be created in /usr/lib/nls/msg/$LANG to the catalog  residing
       beneath	the SCL root directory. This directory is searched by default.
       If LANG is not defined, or is different	when  applications  using  SCL
       execute,	 then NLSPATH environment variable must be used to specify the
       location of the catalog. Define or modify NLSPATH to reference the mes‐
       sage  directory	beneath	 the  SCL root directory. This can be achieved
       with a command similar to the following:

	      # export NLSPATH=$NLSPATH:/usr/opt/solcomplib/lib/nls/msg/%N

       If a process that has enabled use of SCL error  log  forks  then	 error
       logging	is  consequently  disabled  for	 the  new  process. It remains
       enabled for the existing process.

       Overviews: scl_intro(3scl), scl_rpc(3scl), scl_thread_intro(3scl)

       Manual: Solaris Compatibility Library User's Guide


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