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scl_netconfig(4scl)					   scl_netconfig(4scl)

       scl_netconfig  - network configuration database for Solaris Compatibil‐
       ity Libraries Remote Procedure Calls (SCL RPC) component


       SCL RPC uses the X/Open Transport Interface (XTI) API, and makes use of
       the  routines  that  are	 described in getnetconfig(3scl), to determine
       which network interfaces are available for use with XTI.

       On certain platforms, including Solaris systems, the file  /etc/netcon‐
       fig  (see  the  Solaris	man page netconfig(4)) lists the names of such
       network interfaces.  Since no such file is provided by Tru64 UNIX, rou‐
       tines  in  the  SCL  RPC	 library  look for a file called scl_netconfig
       instead.	 This file should be located at in the etc  directory  beneath
       the  SCL root directory.	 By default, the SCL root directory is assumed
       to be /usr/opt/solcomplib.  Refer to scl_intro(3scl) for information on
       how to use a different directory.

       scl_netconfig  is  a  text  file containing information about each sup‐
       ported XTI interface.  The format of scl_netconfig is identical to  the
       netconfig file used on a Solaris system.

       Each line in scl_netconfig (with the exception of those starting with a
       hash symbol "#", which are treated as  comments)	 provides  information
       about  a	 single	 XTI interface.	 Lines are divided by white space into
       seven fields, as follows:

       A string used to uniquely identify the network.	For  example,  udp  or

       A  string  defining the type of service provided by this communications
       provider to XTI.	 There are three possible values:

       connection-oriented service without orderly release (for example, OSI)

       connectionless services (for example, UDP)

       connection-oriented service with orderly release	 (for example, TCP)

       For this release, the only valid flag is v, which means that the device
       is visible to the routines described in getnetconfig(3scl)

       For this release, the only string valid here is inet.

       For this release, the strings tcp and udp are permitted

       For  SCL	 RPC  on  Tru64	 UNIX, the device name here will be one of the
       devices located in the  /dev/streams/xtiso  directory.	Refer  to  the
       Tru64  UNIX Network Programmer's Guide for information.	Typical values
       will be /dev/streams/xtiso/tcp+ or /dev/streams/xtiso/udp+

       The name of a dynamic library which is used to perform lookups  by  XTI
       routines	 for  the specific network transport.  For this release of SCL
       RPC, the library should be specified.  This library is
       located	in  the same directory as the SCL RPC shared library
       (/usr/opt/solcomplib/shlib by default).

       An example scl_netconfig file for Tru64 UNIX is provided with  the  SCL
       distribution;  this  file  is  located  in  the	examples/rpc directory
       beneath the SCL root directory.

       Overviews: scl_intro(3scl), scl_rpc(3scl)

       Files: scl_error_log(4scl)

       Functions: getnetconfig(3scl), getnetpath(3scl)

       Solaris man pages: getnetconfig(3N), getnetpath(3N), netconfig(4)

       Manuals: Tru64 UNIX Network Programmer's Guide,	Solaris	 Compatibility
       Library User's Guide


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