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scl_rpc(3scl)							 scl_rpc(3scl)

       scl_rpc	-  Solaris Compatibility Libraries Remote Procedure Calls (SCL
       RPC) component

       cc  -I/usr/opt/solcomplib/include  [  flag  ...	]  file	 ...   -c   -o

       cc [ flag ... ] object_file /usr/opt/solcomplib/shlib/ -lxti

       #include <rpc/rpc.h>

       #include <netconfig.h>

       SCL RPC library (

       The  routines  provided in the SCL RPC library allow C programs to make
       procedure calls on other machines across the network.

       The following table lists each of the routines provided by the  Solaris
       implentation  of	 TI-RPC	 v2.3,	along with information on whether that
       routine is available under SCL RPC:

       Routine				SCL	   availability	       -------

       auth_destroy		 yes; see rpc_clnt_auth(3scl)

       authdes_create		 not implemented.  See Note 1, 2, 3

       authdes_getucred		 not implemented.  See Note 2

       authdes_seccreate	 not implemented.  See Note 2

       authkerb_getucred	 not implemented.  See Note 2

       authkerb_seccreate	 not implemented.  See Note 2

       authnone_create		 yes; see rpc_clnt_auth(3scl)

       authsys_create		 yes; see rpc_clnt_auth(3scl)

       authsys_create_default	 yes; see rpc_clnt_auth(3scl)

       authunix_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       authunix_create_default	 yes; but see Note 5

       callrpc			 yes; but see Note 5

       clnt_broadcast		 yes; but see Note 5

       clnt_call		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_control		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_destroy		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_dg_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_freeres		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_geterr		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_pcreateerror	 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_perrno		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_perror		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_raw_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_spcreateerror	 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_sperrno		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_sperror		 yes, see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       clnt_tli_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clnt_tp_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clntudp_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       clnt_vc_create		 yes, see rpc_clnt_create(3scl)

       clntraw_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       clnttcp_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       clntudp_bufcreate	 yes; but see Note 5

       get_myaddress		 yes; but see Note 5

       getnetname		 not implemented; see Note 2

       host2netname		 not implemented; see Note 2

       key_decryptsession	 not implemented; see Note 2

       key_encryptsession	 not implemented; see Note 2

       key_gendes		 not implemented; see Note 2

       key_setsecret		 not implemented; see Note 2

       netname2host		 not implemented; see Note 2

       netname2user		 not implemented; see Note 2

       pmap_getmaps		 yes; but see Note 5

       pmap_getport		 yes; but see Note 5

       pmap_rmtcall		 yes; but see Note 5

       pmap_set			 yes; but see Note 5

       pmap_unset		 yes; but see Note 5

       rac_drop			 Not implemented; see Note 4

       rac_poll			 Not implemented; see Note 4

       rac_recv			 Not implemented; see Note 4

       rac_send			 Not implemented; see Note 4

       registerrpc		 yes; but see Note 5

       rpc_broadcast		 yes; see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       rpc_broadcast_exp	 yes; see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       rpc_call			 yes; see rpc_clnt_calls(3scl)

       rpc_reg			 yes; see rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       svc_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_destroy		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_dg_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_dg_enablecache	 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_fd_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_freeargs		 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_getargs		 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_getcaller		 not implemented.  See Note 1

       svc_getreq		 yes; but see Note 5

       svc_getreqset		 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_getrpccaller		 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_kerb_reg		 not implemented.  See Note 2

       svc_raw_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_reg			 yes; see rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       svc_register		 yes; but see Note 5

       svc_run			 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_sendreply		 yes; see rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       svc_tli_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_tp_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svc_unreg		 yes; see rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       svc_unregister		 yes; but see Note 5

       svc_vc_create		 yes; see rpc_svc_create(3scl)

       svcerr_auth		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_decode		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_noproc		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_noprog		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_progvers		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_systemerr		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcerr_weakauth		 yes; see rpc_svc_err(3scl)

       svcfd_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       svcraw_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       svctcp_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       svcudp_bufcreate		 yes; but see Note 5

       svcudp_create		 yes; but see Note 5

       user2netname		 not implemented; see Note 2

       xdr_accepted_reply	 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_authsys_parms	 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_authunix_parms	 yes; but see Note 5

       xdr_callhdr		 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_callmsg		 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_opaque_auth		 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_rejected_reply	 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xdr_replymsg		 yes; see rpc_xdr(3scl)

       xprt_register		 yes; see rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       xprt_unregister		 yes; see rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       This  routine  is deprecated on Solaris and has not been ported as part
       of SCL RPC.  SCL RPC does not implement the Secure  RPC	API.   A  stub
       version	of  this  routine  is  provided	 in the SCL RPC library; if an
       application calls this routine a	 "not  implemented"  message  will  be
       logged  to  the	SCL  log  file.	 SCL RPC does not implement the Remote
       Asyncnronous Calls (RAC) API Those routines documented in  the  Solaris
       documentation  under  rpc_soc(3scl) are deprecated and have been super‐
       seded by newer functions.  These	 routines  are	included  in  the  SCL
       library,	 but  their  use  in  new  applications	 is  discouraged.  See
       rpc_soc(3scl) for information on replacement routines.

       The functions inside the SCL RPC library have been ported from the  TI-
       RPC v2.3 Solaris code placed in the public domain by Sun.  This distri‐
       bution is available at

       The header files containing function prototypes for these routines  are
       located	by  default beneath the /usr/opt/solcomplib/include directory.
       The library  is  located  in  the  /usr/opt/solcomplib/shlib
       directory  by  default. Refer to scl_intro(3scl) for information on how
       to use a different directory.

       The SCL RPC library uses transport-independent network APIs, and appli‐
       cations using it must therefore link against the system library libxti,
       using the option -lxti on the linker command line.

       For this release of SCL RPC, only TCP and UDP transports are supported.

       The TI-RPC v2.3 source code forces the use of port 111 for TCP and  UDP
       RPC  traffic.   For  this  release  of SCL RPC, the port number used by
       these transports is specified by entries for the service scl_rpcbind in
       the file /etc/services.	Using port number 111 for SCL RPC has not been
       extensively tested and is not recommended at this time.

       Certain functions and data structures in the TI-RPC library as distrib‐
       uted  by Sun make use of 32 bit data types which are defined as long or
       some derivation of long.	 For the SCL RPC port on to Tru64 UNIX,	 these
       types  have  been  changed  to int.  For programs which try to use long
       data types in these cases, the cc(1) compiler on Tru64 UNIX will	 issue
       warning messages about type mismatches.

       Overviews: scl_intro(3scl), rpc(3), xti(7), rpc_xdr(3scl)

       Files: scl_error_log(4scl), scl_netconfig(4scl), services(4)

       Functions:	    getnetconfig(3scl),		  rpc_clnt_auth(3scl),
       rpc_clnt_calls(3scl),	   rpc_clnt_create(3scl),	rpc_soc(3scl),
       rpc_svc_create(3scl), rpc_svc_err(3scl), rpc_svc_reg(3scl)

       Utilities: cc(1), rpcbind(8scl), rpcgen(1scl), rpcinfo(8scl)

       Solaris	man  pages:  rpc(3N),  getnetconfig(3N),  getnetpath(3N), ker‐
       beros_rpc(3N),  rpc_clnt_auth(3N),  rpc_clnt_calls(3N),	 rpc_clnt_cre‐
       ate(3N),	   rpc_svc_calls(3N),	rpc_svc_create(3N),   rpc_svc_err(3N),
       rpc_svc_reg(3N),	 rpc_xdr(3N),  rpcbind(3N),  secure_rpc(3N),  xdr(3N),
       netconfig(4), environ(5)

       Manual: Solaris Compatibility Library User's Guide


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