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80287(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/80287] - (unknown subject)
80387(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/80387] - (unknown subject)
8087(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/8087] - (unknown subject)
86rel(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/86rel] - (unknown subject)
a2p(1)              - Awk to Perl translator
a64l(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/a64l] - (unknown subject)
abort(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/abort] - (unknown subject)
abs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/abs] - (unknown subject)
accept(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/accept] - (unknown subject)
access(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/access] - (unknown subject)
acctcom(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/acctcom] - (unknown subject)
acct(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/acct] - (unknown subject)
accton(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/accton] - (unknown subject)
acct(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/acct] - (unknown subject)
acos(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
adb(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/adb] - (unknown subject)
adfmt(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/adfmt] - (unknown subject)
admin(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/admin] - (unknown subject)
afio(1)             - manipulate archives and files
alarm(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/alarm] - (unknown subject)
aliases.hash(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliases] - (unknown subject)
aliases(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliases] - (unknown subject)
aliashash(AD) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manAD/aliashash] - (unknown subject)
aliashash(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliashash] - (unknown subject)
a.out(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/a.out] - (unknown subject)
archive(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/archive] - (unknown subject)
ar(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ar] - (unknown subject)
ar(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/ar] - (unknown subject)
ar(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/ar] - (unknown subject)
arithmetic(6)       - quiz on simple arithmetic
ascii(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ascii] - (unknown subject)
asctime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctime] - (unknown subject)
asin(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
asktime(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/asktime] - (unknown subject)
assert(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/assert] - (unknown subject)
assign(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/assign] - (unknown subject)
asx(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/asx] - (unknown subject)
atan2(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
atan(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
at(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/at] - (unknown subject)
atof(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/atof] - (unknown subject)
atoi(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/atof] - (unknown subject)
atol(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/atof] - (unknown subject)
autoboot(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/autoboot] - (unknown subject)
autoboot(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/autoboot] - (unknown subject)
awk(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/awk] - (unknown subject)
backgammon(6)       - the game of backgammon
backup(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/backup] - (unknown subject)
backup(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/backup] - (unknown subject)
backup(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/backup] - (unknown subject)
badsect(8)          - create files to contain bad sectors
badtrk(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/badtrk] - (unknown subject)
badtrk(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/badtrk] - (unknown subject)
basename(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/basename] - (unknown subject)
batch(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/at] - (unknown subject)
battlestar(6)       - a tropical adventure game
bc(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/bc] - (unknown subject)
bdiff(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/bdiff] - (unknown subject)
bdos(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/bdos] - (unknown subject)
bessel(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
bfs(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/bfs] - (unknown subject)
boot(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/boot] - (unknown subject)
brkctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/brkctl] - (unknown subject)
brk(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sbrk] - (unknown subject)
bsearch(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bsearch] - (unknown subject)
bugfiler(8)         - file bug reports in folders automatically
byacc(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/byacc] - (unknown subject)
cabs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/hypot] - (unknown subject)
caesar(6)           - decrypt caesar cyphers
cal(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cal] - (unknown subject)
calendar(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/calendar] - (unknown subject)
calloc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/malloc] - (unknown subject)
cancel(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lp] - (unknown subject)
canfield(6)         - the solitaire card game canfield
capinfo(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/capinfo] - (unknown subject)
cat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cat] - (unknown subject)
cb(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cb] - (unknown subject)
cccp(1)             - The GNU C-Compatible Compiler Preprocessor.
cc(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cc] - (unknown subject)
cdc(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cdc] - (unknown subject)
cd(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cd] - (unknown subject)
ceil(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/floor] - (unknown subject)
cflow(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cflow] - (unknown subject)
cgets(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/cgets] - (unknown subject)
chdir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/chdir] - (unknown subject)
checkcw(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/cw] - (unknown subject)
checkeq(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/eqn] - (unknown subject)
checklist(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/checklist] - (unknown subject)
checkmm(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/checkmm] - (unknown subject)
chmod(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/chmod] - (unknown subject)
chmod(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/chmod] - (unknown subject)
chown(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/chown] - (unknown subject)
chown(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/chown] - (unknown subject)
chroot(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/chroot] - (unknown subject)
chroot(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/chroot] - (unknown subject)
chrtbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/chrtbl] - (unknown subject)
chsize(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/chsize] - (unknown subject)
ci(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/ci] - (unknown subject)
clearerr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ferror] - (unknown subject)
clock(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/clock] - (unknown subject)
clockrate(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/clockrate] - (unknown subject)
clock(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/clock] - (unknown subject)
closedir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
close(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/close] - (unknown subject)
clri(8)             - clear i-node
clri(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/clri] - (unknown subject)
cmos(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/cmos] - (unknown subject)
cmp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cmp] - (unknown subject)
co(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/co] - (unknown subject)
col(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/col] - (unknown subject)
coltbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/coltbl] - (unknown subject)
comb(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/comb] - (unknown subject)
compress(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/compress] - (unknown subject)
comsat(8)           - biff server
config(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/config] - (unknown subject)
configu(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/configu] - (unknown subject)
configure(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/configu] - (unknown subject)
configure(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/configure] - (unknown subject)
console(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/console] - (unknown subject)
convkey(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mapkey] - (unknown subject)
conv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/conv] - (unknown subject)
copy(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/copy] - (unknown subject)
core(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/core] - (unknown subject)
cosh(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sinh] - (unknown subject)
cos(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
cp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cp] - (unknown subject)
cpio(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cpio] - (unknown subject)
cpio(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/cpio] - (unknown subject)
cpp(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cpp] - (unknown subject)
cprintf(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/cprintf] - (unknown subject)
cputs(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/cputs] - (unknown subject)
creatsem(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/creatsem] - (unknown subject)
creat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/creat] - (unknown subject)
cref(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cref] - (unknown subject)
cribbage(6)         - the card game cribbage
cron(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cron] - (unknown subject)
crypt(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/crypt] - (unknown subject)
cscanf(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/cscanf] - (unknown subject)
csh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/csh] - (unknown subject)
csplit(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/csplit] - (unknown subject)
ctags(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/ctags] - (unknown subject)
ct(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ct] - (unknown subject)
ctermid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctermid] - (unknown subject)
ctime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctime] - (unknown subject)
ctype(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
cu(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/cu] - (unknown subject)
curses(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/curses] - (unknown subject)
cuserid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/cuserid] - (unknown subject)
custom(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/custom] - (unknown subject)
cut(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/cut] - (unknown subject)
cwcheck(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/cw] - (unknown subject)
cw(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/cw] - (unknown subject)
cxref(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/cxref] - (unknown subject) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/] - (unknown subject)
date(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/date] - (unknown subject)
dbminit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
dbm(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
dc(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dc] - (unknown subject)
dd(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dd] - (unknown subject)
deassign(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/assign] - (unknown subject)
default(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/default] - (unknown subject)
default(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/default] - (unknown subject)
defopen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/defopen] - (unknown subject)
defread(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/defopen] - (unknown subject)
delete(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
delta(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/delta] - (unknown subject)
deroff(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/deroff] - (unknown subject)
devices(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/devices] - (unknown subject)
dial(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/dial] - (unknown subject)
dialers(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/dialers] - (unknown subject)
dial(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/dial] - (unknown subject)
dial(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dial] - (unknown subject)
diction(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/diction] - (unknown subject)
diff3(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/diff3] - (unknown subject)
diff(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/diff] - (unknown subject)
diffmk(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/diffmk] - (unknown subject)
dircmp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dircmp] - (unknown subject)
directory(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
dir(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/dir] - (unknown subject)
dirname(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dirname] - (unknown subject)
disable(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/disable] - (unknown subject)
diskcmp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/diskcp] - (unknown subject)
diskcp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/diskcp] - (unknown subject)
disklabel.5(5)      - disk pack label
disklabel(8)        - read and write disk pack label
divvy(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/divvy] - (unknown subject)
divvy(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/divvy] - (unknown subject)
dm(8)               - dungeon master
dmconf(5)           - dm configuration file
dmesg(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dmesg] - (unknown subject)
dos(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
doscp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosexter(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/dosexter] - (unknown subject)
dosexterr(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/dosexter] - (unknown subject)
dosformat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosld(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/dosld] - (unknown subject)
dosls(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosmkdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosrm(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dosrmdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dos] - (unknown subject)
dparam(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/dparam] - (unknown subject)
dparam(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dparam] - (unknown subject)
drand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
dtype(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dtype] - (unknown subject)
du(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/du] - (unknown subject)
dump(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/backup] - (unknown subject)
dump(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dump] - (unknown subject)
dumpdir(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/dumpdir] - (unknown subject)
dumpdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/dumpdir] - (unknown subject)
dump(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/dump] - (unknown subject)
dumpfs(8)           - dump file system information
dup2(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dup] - (unknown subject)
dup(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dup] - (unknown subject)
echo(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/echo] - (unknown subject)
ecvt(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ecvt] - (unknown subject)
edata(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/end] - (unknown subject)
ed(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ed] - (unknown subject)
egrep(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/grep] - (unknown subject)
endgrent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getgrent] - (unknown subject)
endpwent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpwent] - (unknown subject)
end(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/end] - (unknown subject)
endutent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
enpload(8)          - download firmware and initialize a CMC Ethernet controller
environ(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/environ] - (unknown subject)
eof(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/eof] - (unknown subject)
eqnchar(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/eqnchar] - (unknown subject)
eqncheck(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/eqn] - (unknown subject)
eqn(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/eqn] - (unknown subject)
erand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
erfc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/erf] - (unknown subject)
erf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/erf] - (unknown subject)
errno(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/perror] - (unknown subject)
error(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/error] - (unknown subject)
etext(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/end] - (unknown subject)
ex(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ex] - (unknown subject)
execle(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execlp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execseg(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/execseg] - (unknown subject)
exec(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execve(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execvp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
execv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exec] - (unknown subject)
exit(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/exit] - (unknown subject)
_exit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exit] - (unknown subject)
exit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exit] - (unknown subject)
explain(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/explain] - (unknown subject)
exports(5)          - define remote mount points for NFS mount requests
expr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/expr] - (unknown subject)
exp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exp] - (unknown subject)
fabs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/floor] - (unknown subject)
factor(6)           - factor a number, generate primes
factor(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/factor] - (unknown subject)
faliases(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliases] - (unknown subject)
fcloseall(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fclose] - (unknown subject)
fclose(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fclose] - (unknown subject)
fclose(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fclose] - (unknown subject)
fcntl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fcntl] - (unknown subject)
fcvt(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ecvt] - (unknown subject)
fd(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/fd] - (unknown subject)
fdisk(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/fdisk] - (unknown subject)
fdopen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fopen] - (unknown subject)
fdswap(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/fdswap] - (unknown subject)
feof(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ferror] - (unknown subject)
ferror(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ferror] - (unknown subject)
fetch(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
fflush(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fclose] - (unknown subject)
fgetc(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fgetc] - (unknown subject)
fgetchar(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fgetc] - (unknown subject)
fgetc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getc] - (unknown subject)
fgets(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/gets] - (unknown subject)
fgrep(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/grep] - (unknown subject)
file(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/file] - (unknown subject)
fileleng(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fileleng] - (unknown subject)
filelength(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fileleng] - (unknown subject)
fileno(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ferror] - (unknown subject)
filesys(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/filesys] - (unknown subject)
filesystem(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/filesystem] - (unknown subject)
find(1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
find(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/find] - (unknown subject)
finddup(1)          - find duplicate files in a list
finger(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/finger] - (unknown subject)
fingerd(8)          - remote user information server
firstkey(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
fixcpio(1)          - repair damaged cpio -c archives
fixhdr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/fixhdr] - (unknown subject)
fixpad(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/capinfo] - (unknown subject)
fixperm(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/fixperm] - (unknown subject)
fixperm(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/fixperm] - (unknown subject)
flex(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/flex] - (unknown subject)
flexdoc(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/flexdoc] - (unknown subject)
floor(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/floor] - (unknown subject)
flushall(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/flushall] - (unknown subject)
fmod(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/floor] - (unknown subject)
fopen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fopen] - (unknown subject)
fork(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fork] - (unknown subject)
format(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/format] - (unknown subject)
fortune(6)          - print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
fp_off(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fp_seg] - (unknown subject)
fprintf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/printf] - (unknown subject)
fp_seg(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fp_seg] - (unknown subject)
fputc(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fputc] - (unknown subject)
fputchar(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/fputc] - (unknown subject)
fputc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putc] - (unknown subject)
fputs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/puts] - (unknown subject)
fread(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fread] - (unknown subject)
free(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/malloc] - (unknown subject)
freopen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fopen] - (unknown subject)
frexp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/frexp] - (unknown subject)
fsanalyze(8)        - a file system analyzer tool
fsave(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/fsave] - (unknown subject)
fscanf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/scanf] - (unknown subject)
fsck(8)             - file system consistency check and interactive repair
fsck(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/fsck] - (unknown subject)
fsck(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/fsck] - (unknown subject)
fsdb(8)             - file system debugger
fseek(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fseek] - (unknown subject)
fsname(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/fsname] - (unknown subject)
fstab(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/fstab] - (unknown subject)
fstat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stat] - (unknown subject)
ftell(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fseek] - (unknown subject)
ftime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/time] - (unknown subject)
ftok(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stdipc] - (unknown subject)
ftpd(8)             - DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
ftw(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ftw] - (unknown subject)
fwrite(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fread] - (unknown subject)
fxlist(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/xlist] - (unknown subject)
g++(1)              - GNU project C++ Compiler (v2.4)
gamma(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/gamma] - (unknown subject)
gcc(1)              - GNU project C and C++ Compiler (v2.4)
gchgrp(1)           - change the group ownership of files
gchown(1)           - change the user and group ownership of files
gcp(1)              - copy files
gcvt(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ecvt] - (unknown subject)
gdbm(3)             - The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability. (Version .)
gdd(1)              - convert a file while copying it
gdf(1)              - summarize free disk space
gdu(1)              - summarize disk usage
getchar(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getc] - (unknown subject)
getch(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/getch] - (unknown subject)
getche(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/getche] - (unknown subject)
get(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/get] - (unknown subject)
getc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getc] - (unknown subject)
getcwd(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getcwd] - (unknown subject)
getegid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getuid] - (unknown subject)
getenv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getenv] - (unknown subject)
geteuid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getuid] - (unknown subject)
getgid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getuid] - (unknown subject)
getgrent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getgrent] - (unknown subject)
getgrgid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getgrent] - (unknown subject)
getgrnam(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getgrent] - (unknown subject)
getlogin(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getlogin] - (unknown subject)
getopt(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/getopt] - (unknown subject)
getopt(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getopt] - (unknown subject)
getpass(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpass] - (unknown subject)
getpgrp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpid] - (unknown subject)
getpid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpid] - (unknown subject)
getppid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpid] - (unknown subject)
getpwent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpwent] - (unknown subject)
getpwnam(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpwent] - (unknown subject)
getpw(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpw] - (unknown subject)
getpwuid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpwent] - (unknown subject)
gets(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/gets] - (unknown subject)
gets(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/gets] - (unknown subject)
getty(8)            - set terminal mode
gettydefs(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/gettydefs] - (unknown subject)
getty(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/getty] - (unknown subject)
gettytab(5)         - terminal configuration data base
getuid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getuid] - (unknown subject)
getutent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
getutid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
getutline(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
getut(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
getw(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getc] - (unknown subject)
gfind(1)            - search for files in a directory hierarchy
ginstall(1)         - copy files and set their attributes
gln(1)              - make links between files
glocate(1)          - list files in databases that match a pattern
glocatedb(5)        - front-compressed file name database
gls(1)              - list contents of directories
gmkdir(1)           - make directories
gmkfifo(1)          - make FIFOs (named pipes)
gmknod(1)           - make special files
gmtime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctime] - (unknown subject)
gmv(1)              - rename files
grep(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/grep] - (unknown subject)
grm(1)              - remove files
grmdir(1)           - remove empty directories
group(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/group] - (unknown subject)
group(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/group] - (unknown subject)
gsignal(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ssignal] - (unknown subject)
gtouch(1)           - change file timestamps
gunzip(1)           - compress or expand files
gupdatedb(1)        - update a file name database
gxargs(1)           - build and execute command lines from standard input
gzexe(1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip(1)             - compress or expand files
hack(6)             - Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
halt(8)             - stop the processor
haltsys(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/haltsys] - (unknown subject)
hangman(6)          - Computer version of the game hangman
hashcheck(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/spell] - (unknown subject)
hashmake(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/spell] - (unknown subject)
hcreate(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/hsearch] - (unknown subject)
hd(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/hd] - (unknown subject)
hdestroy(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/hsearch] - (unknown subject)
hd(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/hd] - (unknown subject)
hdr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/hdr] - (unknown subject)
hdr(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/hdr] - (unknown subject)
help(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/help] - (unknown subject)
hsearch(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/hsearch] - (unknown subject)
hunt(6)             - a multi-player multi-terminal game
hwconfig(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/hwconfig] - (unknown subject)
hyphen(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/hyphen] - (unknown subject)
hypot(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/hypot] - (unknown subject)
ident(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/ident] - (unknown subject)
idleout(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/idleout] - (unknown subject)
ifconfig(8)         - configure network interface parameters
imacct(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/imacct] - (unknown subject)
imagen(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/imagen] - (unknown subject)
imagen.pbs(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/imagen] - (unknown subject)
imagen.remote(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/imagen] - (unknown subject) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/imagen] - (unknown subject)
imagen.spp(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/imagen] - (unknown subject)
imprint(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/imprint] - (unknown subject)
infnan(3M)          - signals invalid floating-point operations on a VAX(temporary)
info(1)             - GNU's hypertext system
inir(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/init] - (unknown subject)
initgroups(3)       - initialize group access list
init(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/init] - (unknown subject)
inittab(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/inittab] - (unknown subject)
inode(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/inode] - (unknown subject)
inp(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/inp] - (unknown subject)
insque(3)           - insert/remove element from a queue
install(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/install] - (unknown subject)
int86(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/int86] - (unknown subject)
int86x(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/int86x] - (unknown subject)
intdos(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/intdos] - (unknown subject)
intdosx(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/intdosx] - (unknown subject)
intro(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/Intro] - (unknown subject)
intro(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/Intro] - (unknown subject)
Intro(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/Intro] - (unknown subject)
ioctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ioctl] - (unknown subject)
ipbs(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ips] - (unknown subject)
ipcrm(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ipcrm] - (unknown subject)
ipcs(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ipcs] - (unknown subject)
ips(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ips] - (unknown subject)
ips(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ips] - (unknown subject)
isalnum(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isalpha(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isascii(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isatty(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/isatty] - (unknown subject)
isatty(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ttyname] - (unknown subject)
isbs(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ips] - (unknown subject)
iscntrl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isdigit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isgraph(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
islower(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isprint(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
ispunct(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isspace(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isupper(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
isxdigit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctype] - (unknown subject)
itoa(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/itoa] - (unknown subject)
j0(3M)              - bessel functions
j0(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
j1(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
jn(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
join(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/join] - (unknown subject)
jrand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
kbhit(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/kbhit] - (unknown subject)
kbmode(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/kbmode] - (unknown subject)
keyboard(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/keyboard] - (unknown subject)
kill(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/kill] - (unknown subject)
kill(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/kill] - (unknown subject)
kmem(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mem] - (unknown subject)
kpasswdd(8)         - Kerberos password changing daemon
ksh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ksh] - (unknown subject)
l3tol(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/l3tol] - (unknown subject)
l64a(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/a64l] - (unknown subject)
labs(3)             - return the absolute value of a long integer
labs(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/labs] - (unknown subject)
larn(6)             - Exploring the caverns of Larn
last(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/last] - (unknown subject)
lc(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ls] - (unknown subject)
l(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ls] - (unknown subject)
lcong48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
ld(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/ld] - (unknown subject)
ldexp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/frexp] - (unknown subject)
ldiv(3)             - return quotient and remainder from division
ld(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ld] - (unknown subject)
less(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/less] - (unknown subject)
lesskey(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lesskey] - (unknown subject)
lex(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/lex] - (unknown subject)
lfind(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/lsearch] - (unknown subject)
lgamma(3M)          - log gamma function
link(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/link] - (unknown subject)
lint(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/lint] - (unknown subject)
ln(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ln] - (unknown subject)
locale(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/locale] - (unknown subject)
localtime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctime] - (unknown subject)
locate(1)           - list files in databases that match a pattern
lock(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lock] - (unknown subject)
lockf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/lockf] - (unknown subject)
locking(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/locking] - (unknown subject)
lock(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/lock] - (unknown subject)
log10(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exp] - (unknown subject)
login(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/login] - (unknown subject)
logname(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/logname] - (unknown subject)
log(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exp] - (unknown subject)
longjmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setjmp] - (unknown subject)
look(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/look] - (unknown subject)
lorder(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/lorder] - (unknown subject)
lp0(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/lp] - (unknown subject)
lp1(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/lp] - (unknown subject)
lp2(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/lp] - (unknown subject)
lpadmin(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/lpadmin] - (unknown subject)
lpadmin(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpadmin] - (unknown subject)
lp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lp] - (unknown subject)
lp(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/lp] - (unknown subject)
lpinit(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/lpinit] - (unknown subject)
lpinit(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpinit] - (unknown subject)
lpmove(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpmove(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lp] - (unknown subject)
lprint(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lprint] - (unknown subject)
lpsched(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpsched(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpshut(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpshut(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpsched] - (unknown subject)
lpstat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/lpstat] - (unknown subject)
lrand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
ls(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ls] - (unknown subject)
lsearch(3)          - linear searching routines
lsearch(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/lsearch] - (unknown subject)
lseek(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/lseek] - (unknown subject)
ltoa(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/ltoa] - (unknown subject)
ltol3(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/l3tol] - (unknown subject)
m4(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/m4] - (unknown subject)
machine(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/machine] - (unknown subject)
Machine(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/machine] - (unknown subject)
mail(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mail] - (unknown subject)
make(1)             - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
make(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/make] - (unknown subject)
makekey(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/makekey] - (unknown subject)
makekey(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/makekey] - (unknown subject)
maliases.hash(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliases] - (unknown subject)
maliases(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/aliases] - (unknown subject)
malloc(3)           - memory allocator
malloc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/malloc] - (unknown subject)
man(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/man] - (unknown subject)
man_conf(5)         - man command's configuration file
man(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/man] - (unknown subject)
map3270(5)          - database for mapping ascii keystrokes into IBM 3270 keys
mapchan(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/mapchan] - (unknown subject)
mapchan(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mapchan] - (unknown subject)
mapkey(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mapkey] - (unknown subject)
mapscrn(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mapkey] - (unknown subject)
mapstr(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mapkey] - (unknown subject)
masm(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/masm] - (unknown subject)
master(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/master] - (unknown subject)
math(3M)            - introduction to mathematical library functions
matherr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/matherr] - (unknown subject)
maxuuscheds(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/maxuus] - (unknown subject)
maxuus(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/maxuus] - (unknown subject)
mcart(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tape] - (unknown subject)
mcconfig(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/mcconfig] - (unknown subject)
memccpy(3)          - (unknown subject)
memccpy(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
memchr(3)           - locate byte in byte string
memchr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
memcmp(3)           - compare byte string
memcmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
memcpy(3)           - copy byte string
memcpy(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
mem(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mem] - (unknown subject)
memmove(3)          - copy byte string
memory(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
memset(3)           - write a byte to byte string
memset(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/memory] - (unknown subject)
merge(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/merge] - (unknown subject)
messages(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/messages] - (unknown subject)
mestbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mestbl] - (unknown subject)
micnet(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/micnet] - (unknown subject)
mille(6)            - play Mille Bournes
mkdev(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/mkdev] - (unknown subject)
mkdev(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mkdev] - (unknown subject)
mkdir(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/mkdir] - (unknown subject)
mkfs(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mkfs] - (unknown subject)
mkinittab(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/telinit] - (unknown subject)
mknod(8)            - build special file
mknod(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mknod] - (unknown subject)
mknod(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/mknod] - (unknown subject)
mkstr(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/mkstr] - (unknown subject)
mktemp(3)           - create a unique file name
mktemp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/mktemp] - (unknown subject)
mkuser(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mkuser] - (unknown subject)
mmcheck(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/checkmm] - (unknown subject)
mm(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/mm] - (unknown subject)
mmt(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/mmt] - (unknown subject)
mnt(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mnt] - (unknown subject)
mnttab(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/mnttab] - (unknown subject)
modf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/frexp] - (unknown subject)
monitor(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/monitor] - (unknown subject)
monop(6)            - Monopoly game
montbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/montbl] - (unknown subject)
more(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/more] - (unknown subject)
mount(8)            - mount and dismount file systems
mount(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/mount] - (unknown subject)
mount(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mount] - (unknown subject)
mountd(8)           - service remote NFS mount requests
mount(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/mount] - (unknown subject)
mouse(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/mouse] - (unknown subject)
movedata(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/movedata] - (unknown subject)
mprof(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/mprof] - (unknown subject)
mrand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
mscreen(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/mscreen] - (unknown subject)
msgctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/msgctl] - (unknown subject)
msgget(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/msgget] - (unknown subject)
msgop(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/msgop] - (unknown subject)
multiscreen(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/multiscreen] - (unknown subject)
mv(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mv] - (unknown subject)
mvdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/mvdir] - (unknown subject)
nap(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/nap] - (unknown subject)
nbwaitsem(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/waitsem] - (unknown subject)
ncheck(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ncheck] - (unknown subject)
ndbm(3)             - data base subroutines
neqn(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/eqn] - (unknown subject)
netutil(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/netutil] - (unknown subject)
netutil(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/netutil] - (unknown subject)
newform(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/newform] - (unknown subject)
newfs(8)            - construct a new file system
newgrp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/newgrp] - (unknown subject)
news(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/news] - (unknown subject)
nextkey(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
nfsd(8)             - remote NFS server
nfsiod(8)           - local NFS asynchronous I/O server
nice(3)             - set program priority
nice(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/nice] - (unknown subject)
nice(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/nice] - (unknown subject)
nl(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/nl] - (unknown subject)
nlist(3)            - get entries from name list
nlist(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/nlist] - (unknown subject)
nm(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/nm] - (unknown subject)
nm(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/nm] - (unknown subject)
nrand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
nroff(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/nroff] - (unknown subject)
ns(3)               - Xerox NS(tm) address conversion routines
null(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/null] - (unknown subject)
numtbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/numtbl] - (unknown subject)
od(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/od] - (unknown subject)
omfdump(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/omfdump] - (unknown subject)
opendir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
opensem(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/opensem] - (unknown subject)
open(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/open] - (unknown subject)
outp(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/outp] - (unknown subject)
pack(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pack] - (unknown subject)
parallel(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/parallel] - (unknown subject)
passwd(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/passwd] - (unknown subject)
passwd(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/passwd] - (unknown subject)
paste(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/paste] - (unknown subject)
patch(1)            - apply a diff file to an original
pause(3)            - stop until signal
pause(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/pause] - (unknown subject)
pcat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pack] - (unknown subject)
pclose(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/popen] - (unknown subject)
permiss(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/permiss] - (unknown subject)
permissions(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/permiss] - (unknown subject)
perror(3)           - system error messages
perror(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/perror] - (unknown subject)
pg(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pg] - (unknown subject)
phantasia(6)        - an interterminal fantasy game
ping(8)             - send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
pipe(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/pipe] - (unknown subject)
plock(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/plock] - (unknown subject) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/poll] - (unknown subject)
poll(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/poll] - (unknown subject)
Poll.hour(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/poll] - (unknown subject)
pom(6)              - display the phase of the moon
popen(3)            - initiate I/O to/from a process
popen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/popen] - (unknown subject)
pow(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exp] - (unknown subject)
pr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pr] - (unknown subject)
prep(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/prep] - (unknown subject)
printf(3)           - formatted output conversion
printf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/printf] - (unknown subject)
proctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/proctl] - (unknown subject)
prof(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/prof] - (unknown subject)
profile(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/profile] - (unknown subject)
profil(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/profil] - (unknown subject)
prs(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/prs] - (unknown subject)
ps(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ps] - (unknown subject)
psignal(3)          - system signal messages
pstat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pstat] - (unknown subject)
ptrace(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ptrace] - (unknown subject)
ptx(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/ptx] - (unknown subject)
putc(3)             - put character or word on a stream
putchar(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putc] - (unknown subject)
putch(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/putch] - (unknown subject)
putc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putc] - (unknown subject)
putenv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putenv] - (unknown subject)
putpwent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putpwent] - (unknown subject)
puts(3)             - put a string on a stream
puts(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/puts] - (unknown subject)
pututline(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
putw(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/putc] - (unknown subject)
pwadmin(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/pwadmin] - (unknown subject)
pwadmin(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pwadmin] - (unknown subject)
pwcache(3)          - cache password and group entries
qsort(3)            - quicker sort
qsort(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/qsort] - (unknown subject)
queuedefs(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/queuedefs] - (unknown subject)
quotacheck(8)       - filesystem quota consistency checker
quot(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/quot] - (unknown subject)
rain(6)             - animated raindrops display
ramdisk(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/ramdisk] - (unknown subject)
rand(3)             - bad random number generator
random(3)           - better random number generator; routines for changing generators
random(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/random] - (unknown subject)
rand(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/rand] - (unknown subject)
ranlib(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/ranlib] - (unknown subject)
ratfor(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/ratfor] - (unknown subject)
rcmd(3)             - routines for returning a stream to a remote command
rcp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/rcp] - (unknown subject)
rcs(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcs] - (unknown subject)
rcsclean(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcsclean] - (unknown subject)
rcsdiff(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcsdiff] - (unknown subject)
rcsfile(5) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man5/rcsfile] - (unknown subject)
rcsfreeze(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcsfreeze] - (unknown subject)
rcsintro(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcsintro] - (unknown subject)
rcsmerge(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rcsmerge] - (unknown subject)
rdchk(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/rdchk] - (unknown subject)
readdir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
read(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/read] - (unknown subject)
realloc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/malloc] - (unknown subject)
reboot(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/haltsys] - (unknown subject)
reboot_hp300(8)     - UNIX bootstrapping procedures
reboot_tahoe(8)     - UNIX bootstrapping procedures
reboot_vax(8)       - UNIX bootstrapping procedures
red(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ed] - (unknown subject)
regcmp(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/regcmp] - (unknown subject)
regcmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/regex] - (unknown subject)
regex(3)            - regular expression handler
regexp(3)           - regular expression handlers
regexp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/regexp] - (unknown subject)
regex(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/regex] - (unknown subject)
reject(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/accept] - (unknown subject)
remote(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/remote] - (unknown subject)
rename(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/rename] - (unknown subject)
renice(8)           - alter priority of running processes
resolver(3)         - resolver routines
restor(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/restore] - (unknown subject)
restor(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/restore] - (unknown subject)
restore(8)          - incremental file system restore
restore(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/restore] - (unknown subject)
restore(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/restore] - (unknown subject)
rewinddir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
rewind(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/fseek] - (unknown subject)
rexec(3)            - return stream to a remote command
rexecd(8)           - remote execution server
rindex(3)           - locate character in string
rksh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/ksh] - (unknown subject)
rlog(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/rlog] - (unknown subject)
rlogind(8)          - remote login server
rm(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/rm] - (unknown subject)
rmdel(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/rmdel] - (unknown subject)
rmdir(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/rm] - (unknown subject)
rmdir(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/rmdir] - (unknown subject)
rmuser(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/rmuser] - (unknown subject)
robots(6)           - fight off villainous robots
rogue(6)            - Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
route(8)            - manually manipulate the routing tables(Interim)
routed(8)           - network routing daemon
rrestore(8)         - restore a file system dump across the network
rsh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/rsh] - (unknown subject)
rshd(8)             - remote shell server
runbig(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/runbig] - (unknown subject)
s2p(1)              - Sed to Perl translator
sact(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/sact] - (unknown subject)
sail(6)             - multi-user wooden ships and iron men
savecore(8)         - save a core dump of the operating system
sbrk(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sbrk] - (unknown subject)
scandir(3)          - scan a directory
scanf(3)            - formatted input conversion
scanf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/scanf] - (unknown subject)
sccsdiff(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/sccsdiff] - (unknown subject)
sccsfile(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/sccsfile] - (unknown subject)
schedule(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/schedule] - (unknown subject)
scogen(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/scogen] - (unknown subject)
scsi(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/scsi] - (unknown subject)
sdb(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/sdb] - (unknown subject)
sddate(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sddate] - (unknown subject)
sdenter(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdenter] - (unknown subject)
sdfree(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdget] - (unknown subject)
sdget(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdget] - (unknown subject)
sdgetv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdgetv] - (unknown subject)
sdiff(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sdiff] - (unknown subject)
sdleave(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdenter] - (unknown subject)
sdwaitv(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sdgetv] - (unknown subject)
sed(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sed] - (unknown subject)
seed48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
seekdir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
segread(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/segread] - (unknown subject)
semctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/semctl] - (unknown subject)
semget(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/semget] - (unknown subject)
semop(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/semop] - (unknown subject)
serial(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/serial] - (unknown subject)
setbuf(3)           - assign buffering to a stream
setbuf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setbuf] - (unknown subject)
setclock(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/setclock] - (unknown subject)
setclock(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/setclock] - (unknown subject)
setcolor(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/setcolor] - (unknown subject)
setcolour(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/setcolor] - (unknown subject)
setgid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setuid] - (unknown subject)
setgrent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getgrent] - (unknown subject)
setjmp(3)           - non-local jumps
setjmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setjmp] - (unknown subject)
setkey(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/setkey] - (unknown subject)
setmnt(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/setmnt] - (unknown subject)
setmode(3)          - modify mode bits
setmode(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/setmode] - (unknown subject)
setpgrp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setpgrp] - (unknown subject)
setpwent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getpwent] - (unknown subject)
settime(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/settime] - (unknown subject)
setuid(3)           - set user and group ID
setuid(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setuid] - (unknown subject)
setutent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
setvbuf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/setbuf] - (unknown subject)
sgetl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sputl] - (unknown subject)
sh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sh] - (unknown subject)
shl(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/shl] - (unknown subject)
shmctl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/shmctl] - (unknown subject)
shmget(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/shmget] - (unknown subject)
shmop(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/shmop] - (unknown subject)
showmount(8)        - show remote nfs mounts on host
shutdn(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/shutdn] - (unknown subject)
shutdown(8)         - close down the system at a given time
shutdown(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/shutdown] - (unknown subject)
shutdown(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/shutdown] - (unknown subject)
shV(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/shV] - (unknown subject)
siginterrupt(3)     - allow signals to interrupt system calls
signal(3)           - simplified software signal facilities
signal(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/signal] - (unknown subject)
sigsem(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sigsem] - (unknown subject)
sigsetops(3)        - manipulate signal masks
simped(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/simped] - (unknown subject)
sin(3M)             - trigonometric functions and their inverses
sinh(3M)            - hyperbolic functions
sinh(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sinh] - (unknown subject)
sin(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
size(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/size] - (unknown subject)
slattach(8)         - attach serial lines as network interfaces
sleep(3)            - suspend execution for interval
sleep(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sleep] - (unknown subject)
snake(6)            - display chase game
soelim(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/soelim] - (unknown subject)
sopen(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/sopen] - (unknown subject)
sort(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sort] - (unknown subject)
spawn(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/spawn] - (unknown subject)
spawnl(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/spawn] - (unknown subject)
spawnvp(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/spawn] - (unknown subject)
spell(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/spell] - (unknown subject)
spellin(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/spell] - (unknown subject)
spline(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/spline] - (unknown subject)
sprintf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/printf] - (unknown subject)
sputl(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sputl] - (unknown subject)
sqrt(3M)            - cube root, square root
sqrt(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/exp] - (unknown subject)
srand48(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/drand48] - (unknown subject)
srand(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/rand] - (unknown subject)
sscanf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/scanf] - (unknown subject)
ssignal(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ssignal] - (unknown subject)
stackuse(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/stackuse] - (unknown subject)
stat(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/stat] - (unknown subject)
stat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stat] - (unknown subject)
stdio(3)            - standard buffered input/output package
stdio(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stdio] - (unknown subject)
stdipc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stdipc] - (unknown subject)
stime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/stime] - (unknown subject)
store(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/dbm] - (unknown subject)
strcasecmp(3)       - compare strings, ignoring case
strcat(3)           - concatenate strings
strcat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strchr(3)           - locate character in string
strchr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strcmp(3)           - compare strings
strcmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strcoll(3)          - compare strings according to current collation
strcpy(3)           - copy strings
strcpy(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strcspn(3)          - span the complement of a string
strcspn(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strdup(3)           - save a copy of a string
strdup(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strfile(8)          - create a random access file for storing strings
strftime(3)         - format date and time
string(3)           - string operations
strings(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/strings] - (unknown subject)
strings(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/strings] - (unknown subject)
string(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strip(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/strip] - (unknown subject)
strlen(3)           - find length of string
strlen(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/strlen] - (unknown subject)
strlen(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strlwr(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/strlwr] - (unknown subject)
strmode(3)          - convert inode status information into a symbolic string
strncat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strncmp(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strncpy(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strpbrk(3)          - locate multiple characters in string
strpbrk(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strrchr(3)          - locate character in string
strrchr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strrev(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/strrev] - (unknown subject)
strsep(3)           - separate strings
strset(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/strset] - (unknown subject)
strspn(3)           - span a string
strspn(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strstr(3)           - locate a substring in a string
strtod(3)           - convert ASCII string to double
strtod(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/strtod] - (unknown subject)
strtok(3)           - string token operations
strtok(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/string] - (unknown subject)
strtol(3)           - convert a string to a long integer
strtol(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/strtol] - (unknown subject)
strtoul(3)          - convert a string to an unsigned long integer
strupr(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/strupr] - (unknown subject)
stty(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/stty] - (unknown subject)
stty(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/stty] - (unknown subject)
style(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/style] - (unknown subject)
su(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/su] - (unknown subject)
swab(3)             - swap bytes
swab(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/swab] - (unknown subject)
swapadd(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/swapadd] - (unknown subject)
swapctl(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/swapctl] - (unknown subject)
swapon(8)           - specify additional device for paging and swapping
sxt(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/sxt] - (unknown subject)
sync(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sync] - (unknown subject)
sync(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sync] - (unknown subject)
sysadmin(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sysadmin] - (unknown subject)
sysadmsh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/sysadmsh] - (unknown subject)
sys_errlist(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/perror] - (unknown subject)
sysfiles(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/sysfiles] - (unknown subject)
syslog(3)           - control system log
sys_nerr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/perror] - (unknown subject)
system(3)           - issue a shell command
systemid(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/systemid] - (unknown subject)
systems(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/systems] - (unknown subject)
system(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/system] - (unknown subject)
systty(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/systty] - (unknown subject)
tail(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tail] - (unknown subject)
talkd(8)            - remote user communication server
tanh(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/sinh] - (unknown subject)
tan(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
tape(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tape] - (unknown subject)
tapedump(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tapedump] - (unknown subject)
tape(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/tape] - (unknown subject)
tar(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tar] - (unknown subject)
tar(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/tar] - (unknown subject)
tbl(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/tbl] - (unknown subject)
tdelete(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tsearch] - (unknown subject)
telinit(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/telinit] - (unknown subject)
telldir(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/directory] - (unknown subject)
tell(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/tell] - (unknown subject)
telnetd(8)          - DARPA TELNET protocol server
tempnam(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tmpnam] - (unknown subject)
termcap(3)          - terminal independent operation routines
termcap(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/termcap] - (unknown subject)
termcap(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
term(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/term] - (unknown subject)
term(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/term] - (unknown subject)
terminal(HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/terminal] - (unknown subject)
terminals(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/terminals] - (unknown subject)
terminfo(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/terminfo] - (unknown subject)
terminfo(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/terminfo] - (unknown subject)
terminfo(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/terminfo] - (unknown subject)
termio(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/termio] - (unknown subject)
test(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/test] - (unknown subject)
tfind(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tsearch] - (unknown subject)
tftpd(8)            - DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
tgetent(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
tgetflag(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
tgetnum(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
tgetstr(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
tgoto(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
tic(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tic] - (unknown subject)
time(3)             - get time of day
time(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/time] - (unknown subject)
time(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/time] - (unknown subject)
timtbl(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/timtbl] - (unknown subject)
tmpfile(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tmpfile] - (unknown subject)
tmpnam(3)           - temporary file routines
tmpnam(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tmpnam] - (unknown subject)
toascii(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/conv] - (unknown subject)
tolower(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/conv] - (unknown subject)
top(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/top] - (unknown subject) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/top] - (unknown subject)
touch(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/touch] - (unknown subject)
toupper(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/conv] - (unknown subject)
tput(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tput] - (unknown subject)
tputs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/termcap] - (unknown subject)
translate(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/translate] - (unknown subject)
tr(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tr] - (unknown subject)
trek(6)             - trekkie game
trig(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/trig] - (unknown subject)
troff(CT) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCT/troff] - (unknown subject)
tsearch(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tsearch] - (unknown subject)
tset(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/tset] - (unknown subject)
tsort(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/tsort] - (unknown subject)
tty1[a-h] (HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/serial] - (unknown subject)
tty1[A-H] (HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/serial] - (unknown subject)
tty2[a-h] (HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/serial] - (unknown subject)
tty2[A-H] (HW) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manHW/serial] - (unknown subject)
tty(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/tty] - (unknown subject)
ttyname(3)          - find name of a terminal
ttyname(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ttyname] - (unknown subject)
ttys(5)             - terminal initialization data
ttyslot(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ttyslot] - (unknown subject)
ttys(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ttys] - (unknown subject)
tunefs(8)           - tune up an existing file system
twalk(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/tsearch] - (unknown subject)
types(F) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manF/types] - (unknown subject)
tz(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/tz] - (unknown subject)
TZ(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/tz] - (unknown subject)
tzset(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ctime] - (unknown subject)
uadmin(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/uadmin] - (unknown subject)
ualarm(3)           - schedule signal after specified time
ulimit(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ulimit] - (unknown subject)
ultoa(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/ultoa] - (unknown subject)
umask(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/umask] - (unknown subject)
umask(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/umask] - (unknown subject)
umount(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/umount] - (unknown subject)
umount(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/umount] - (unknown subject)
uname(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uname] - (unknown subject)
uname(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/uname] - (unknown subject)
ungetc(3)           - push character back into input stream
ungetch(DOS) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manDOS/ungetch] - (unknown subject)
unget(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/unget] - (unknown subject)
ungetc(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ungetc] - (unknown subject)
ungetty(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/ungetty] - (unknown subject)
uniq(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uniq] - (unknown subject)
units(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/units] - (unknown subject)
unlink(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/unlink] - (unknown subject)
unpack(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/pack] - (unknown subject)
unvis(3)            - decode a visual representation of characters
usemouse(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/usemouse] - (unknown subject)
usleep(3)           - suspend execution for interval
ustat(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/ustat] - (unknown subject)
utime(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/utime] - (unknown subject)
utmp(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/utmp] - (unknown subject)
utmpname(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/getut] - (unknown subject)
uuchat(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/dial] - (unknown subject)
uucico(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uucico] - (unknown subject)
uucico(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uucico] - (unknown subject)
uuclean(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uuclean] - (unknown subject)
uuclean(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuclean] - (unknown subject)
uucp(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uucp] - (unknown subject)
uudecode(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuencode] - (unknown subject)
uudemon(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uudemon] - (unknown subject)
uudemon.clean(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uudemon] - (unknown subject)
uudemon.hour(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uudemon] - (unknown subject)
uudemon.poll2(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uudemon] - (unknown subject)
uudemon.poll(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uudemon] - (unknown subject)
uuencode(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuencode] - (unknown subject)
uuinstall(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuinstall] - (unknown subject)
uulog(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uucp] - (unknown subject)
uuname(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uucp] - (unknown subject)
uupick(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuto] - (unknown subject)
uustat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uustat] - (unknown subject)
uusub(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uusub] - (unknown subject)
uuto(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uuto] - (unknown subject)
uutry(ADM) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manADM/uutry] - (unknown subject)
uux(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/uux] - (unknown subject)
val(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/val] - (unknown subject)
valloc(3)           - aligned memory allocator
varargs(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/varargs] - (unknown subject)
vedit(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vi] - (unknown subject)
vfprintf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/vprintf] - (unknown subject)
vi(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vi] - (unknown subject)
vidi(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vidi] - (unknown subject)
view(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vi] - (unknown subject)
vipw(8)             - edit the password file
vis(3)              - visually encode characters
vmstat(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vmstat] - (unknown subject)
vprintf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/vprintf] - (unknown subject)
vsh(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/vsh] - (unknown subject)
vsprintf(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/vprintf] - (unknown subject)
waitsem(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/waitsem] - (unknown subject)
wait(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/wait] - (unknown subject)
wall(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/wall] - (unknown subject)
w(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/w] - (unknown subject)
what(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/what] - (unknown subject)
who(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/who] - (unknown subject)
worm(6)             - Play the growing worm game
worms(6)            - animate worms on a display terminal
write(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/write] - (unknown subject)
write(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/write] - (unknown subject)
wtmp(M) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manM/utmp] - (unknown subject)
wump(6)             - hunt the wumpus in an underground cave
xargs(1)            - build and execute command lines from standard input
xargs(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/xargs] - (unknown subject)
xlist(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/xlist] - (unknown subject)
XNSrouted(8)        - NS Routing Information Protocol daemon
xref(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/xref] - (unknown subject)
xstr(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/xstr] - (unknown subject)
y0(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
y1(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
Yacc(1) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/man1/byacc] - (unknown subject)
yacc(CP) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manCP/yacc] - (unknown subject)
yes(C) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manC/yes] - (unknown subject)
yn(S) [/mnt/man/Xenix/man/manS/bessel] - (unknown subject)
zcat(1)             - compress or expand files
zcmp(1)             - compare compressed files
zdiff(1)            - compare compressed files
zforce(1)           - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
zgrep(1)            - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zmore(1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znew(1)             - recompress .Z files to .gz files
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