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rpcbind(3scl)							 rpcbind(3scl)

       rpcbind,	  rpcb_getmaps,	  rpcb_getaddr,	  rpcb_gettime,	 rpcb_rmtcall,
       rpcb_set, rpcb_unset - library routines for RPC bind service

       SCL RPC library (librpc.so)

       #include <rpc/rpc.h> struct rpcblist *rpcb_getmaps(const struct netcon‐
       fig *netconf,
	   const char *host);

       bool_t rpcb_getaddr(const u_long prognum, const u_long versnum,
	   const struct netconfig *netconf, struct netbuf *svcaddr,
	   const char *host);

       bool_t rpcb_gettime(const char *host, time_t *timep);

       enum clnt_stat rpcb_rmtcall(const struct netconfig *netconf,
	   const char *host, const u_long prognum,
	   const u_long versnum, const u_long procnum,
	   const xdrproc_t inproc, const caddr_t in,
	   const xdrproc_t outproc, caddr_t out,
	   const struct timeval tout, struct netbuf *svcaddr);

       bool_t rpcb_set(const u_long prognum, const u_long versnum,
	   const struct netconfig *netconf,
	   const struct netbuf *svcaddr);

       bool_t rpcb_unset(const u_long prognum, const u_long versnum,
	   const struct netconfig *netconf);

       Refer  to  the  Solaris	rpcbind(3N) man pages for a description of how
       these functions should be used.

       These functions have been ported from Solaris code placed in the public
       domain by Sun.

       Overviews: scl_intro(3scl), scl_rpc(3scl)

       Files: scl_error_log(4scl), services(4)

       Functions: rpc_clnt_calls(3scl), rpc_svc_calls(3scl)

       Utilities: rpcbind(8scl), rpcinfo(8scl)

       Solaris	  man	 pages:	   rpcbind(1M),	   rpcbind(3N),	  rpcinfo(1M),
       rpc_clnt_calls(3N), rpc_svc_calls(3N)


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