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mkmanifest(1)							 mkmanifest(1)

       mkmanifest  -  mtools  utility to create a shell script to restore UNIX
       file names from DOS

       mkmanifest [files]


       A list of UNIX file names to be converted to DOS name format.

       The mkmanifest command creates a shell script that aids in the  restore
       of UNIX file names that were overwritten by DOS file name restrictions.
       DOS file names are uppercase only, cannot exceed 8 character  names,  3
       character extensions and do not support device names or nonalphanumeric

       Not all UNIX file names are supported in the  DOS  world.   The	mtools
       commands may have to change UNIX names to fit the DOS file name conven‐
       tions.  Most commands provide the verbose option	 (-v),	that  displays
       new  file  names	 if  they have been changed. The following table shows
       some examples of file name conversions:

       UNIX name     DOS name	Reason for the change
       thisisatest   THISISAT	file name too long
       file.stuff    FILE.STU	extension too long
       prn.txt	     XRN.TXT	PRN is a device name
       .abc	     X.ABC	null file name
       hot+cold	     HOTXCOLD	illegal character

       The following exit values are returned: Success.	 Failure.

       Assume you have the following UNIX files that you want to copy to a DOS
       diskette using the mcopy command.

       very_long_name 2.many.dots illegal: good.c Capital

       The mcopy command converts these file names to the following:

       very_lon illegalx good.c capital

       To  restore the previous file names, use the mkmanifest command as fol‐
       lows: mkmanifest very_long_name 2.many.dots illegal:	  \
				  good.c Capital > manifest

       The  previous  mkmanifest  command  line	 produces  the	following:  mv
       very_lon	 very_long_name mv 2.many.dots mv illegalx illegal:
       mv mv capital Capital

       The good.c file name did not  require  conversion,  hence  it  was  not
       included in the output.

       If  these  files	 were copied from diskette to another UNIX system, and
       you wanted to restore the original names, retain a copy of the manifest
       file (captured output) so that it can be used to convert the file names

       Executable file

       Commands: mcopy(1), mtools(1)


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