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lfa(7)									lfa(7)

       lfa - DAPCA/DAPBA Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network Interface

       config-driver	    lfa

       The  lfa	 interface  can be either the ATM HE622 ATM adapter (DAPCA) or
       the  ATM HE155 ATM adapter (DAPBA), providing transmission rates of 622
       megabits	 per  second  and 155 megabits per second, respectively.  Both
       adapters use the same driver.

       The lfa driver controls the transmission and reception of  data	across
       the  ATM	 network  over specified Virtual Circuits (VCs).  The creation
       and management of the VCs is controlled by the ATM  subsystem  software
       that  sits  above the driver.  When the driver is started, it registers
       with the ATM subsystem and then performs any task  that	the  subsystem

       Note  that  the	transmission  rate  of the link is not the same as the
       transmission rate as seen by a user application.	 The following factors
       can contribute to this: the speed of the Peripheral Component Intercon‐
       nect (PCI) bus, the signaling overhead on the link medium  itself,  the
       speed  of  the  host processor, and other activity in the system (espe‐
       cially on the same PCI bus).

       See the sys_attrs_lfa(5) reference page for a list of thelfa  subsystem

       The  following  diagnostic and error messages contain relevant informa‐
       tion provided by the lfa interface, and are displayed on	 the  console.
       Each  message  begins  with  the	 adapter identification, including the
       adapter number (for example, lfa0).  Ensure  that  either  a  HE622  or
       HE155 ATM adapter is installed in the system and that it is a DAPBA-FA,
       DAPBA-UA, or DAPCA-FA.  The specified adapter failed its initialization
       due  to	insufficient  memory resources.	 This could possibly happen if
       kernel memory debugging was enabled in the /etc/sysconfigtab file.   If
       this  message  is  displayed, the adapter will not operate.  The driver
       failed when it tried to register itself with the ATM subsystem  because
       the  optional  ATM components are not configured in the kernel.	Recon‐
       figure your kernel with the the ATM, UNI3X, ATMIP,  and	LANE  options.
       See Asynchronous Transfer Mode for more information.  An error occurred
       when trying to gather the resources necessary (for example, memory  for
       data  structures	 and  specified bit rate for transmission) to set up a
       Virtual Circuit (VC).  An invalid VPI or VCI value was passed to the VC
       activation  routine.   Ensure  that  the	 values specified fit into the
       range given for the num_vpi_bits attribute described in the  "Subsystem
       Attributes"  section.  A request to delete a VC was made and the VC was
       transmitting.  This condition did not go away after 1 second so the  VC
       will  be	 deleted anyway.  It is possible that the VC's state is incon‐
       sistent, and that this may indicate a problem with the driver.

       Informational messages contain information provided by the lfa  driver.
       These  messages	are  printed on the console and begin with the adapter
       identification, including the adapter number.  The driver  successfully
       configured  and registered itself with the ATM subsystem software.  The
       connection either to a switch or to another system (in a point-to-point
       configuration)  exists.	 This message is displayed after the driver is
       initially brought up.  If it is not displayed, it is likely there is  a
       problem	with  the  cables.   The  connection  either to a switch or to
       another system existed, but no longer exists.  An administrator	issued
       a  command  to  shut down the adapter.  If you do not see this message,
       the adapter is still operational.  To shut down the  adapter,  use  the
       atmconfig down command.

       Commands:  netstat(1),  atmarp(8), atmconfig(8), atmelan(8), atmsig(8),

       Attributes: sys_attrs_lfa(5)

       NetworkInformation: arp(7), inet(7), intro(7)

       Asynchronous Transfer Mode

       Network Administration: Connections


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