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eucKR(5)							      eucKR(5)

       eucKR - A character encoding system (codeset) for Korean

       EUC  (Extended  UNIX Code) is a codeset extended by AT&T Bell Laborato‐
       ries for use in various countries in the world. Korean EUC is  the  EUC
       codeset	for  representing  Korean  data.  The  encoding	 of Korean EUC
       (eucKR) is currently identical to that of the DEC Korean	 codeset  (see

   Codeset Conversion
       The  following  codeset	converter  pairs  are available for converting
       Korean characters between eucKR and other encoding formats.   Refer  to
       iconv_intro(5)  for  an	introduction  to  codeset conversion. For more
       information about the other codeset for which eucKR  is	the  input  or
       output,	see  the  reference  page  specified in the list item.	decko‐
       rean_eucKR, eucKR_deckorean

	      Converting from and to the DEC Korean codeset: deckorean(5).

	      Because DEC Korean is currently  identical  to  Korean  Extended
	      UNIX  Code,  this	 converter  is not useful.  ISO-2022-KR_eucKR,

	      Converting from and to the ISO 2022 Korean codeset: iso2022(5).

   Font Support for Korean EUC
       For both display devices and printers, the  operating  system  supports
       the  Korean  EUC codeset through DEC Korean fonts. See deckorean(5) for
       information about Korean bitmap and PostScript fonts.

       Commands: locale(1)

       Others:	 ascii(5),   deckorean(5),   iconv_intro(5),	i18n_intro(5),
       i18n_printing(5), l10n_intro(5), Korean(5)


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