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rc2(8)									rc2(8)

       rc2 - Run command script executed when entering a multiuser run level


       The  rc2 script contains run commands that enable initialization of the
       system to a multiuser state; run	 level	2.  In	addition  to  commands
       listed  within the script itself, rc2 contains instructions to run cer‐
       tain commands found in the /sbin/rc2.d directory.  The  script  defines
       the  conditions	under which the commands execute; some commands run if
       the system is booting, other commands execute if the system is changing
       run levels.

       By convention, files in the /sbin/rc2.d directory begin with either the
       letter "K" or the letter "S" and are followed by a two-digit number and
       a filename; for example:

       K00lpd	  S00savecore	  S25uucp

       In  general,  the system starts commands that begin with the letter "S"
       and stops commands that begin with the letter "K." Commands that	 begin
       with  the  letter  "K"  run only when the system is changing run levels
       from a higher to a lower level.	Commands that begin  with  the	letter
       "S"  run	 in  all  cases.  The numbering of commands in the /sbin/rc2.d
       directory is important since the numbers are sorted  and	 the  commands
       are run in ascending order. Files in the /sbin/rc2.d directory are nor‐
       mally links to files in the /etc/init.d directory.

       An entry in the inittab file causes the system to execute the  rc2  run
       commands, for example:

       s2:23:wait:/sbin/rc2 < /dev/console > /dev/console 2>&1

       The  following operations are typical of those that result from execut‐
       ing the rc2 script and the commands located in the  /sbin/rc2.d	direc‐
       tory.   The  operation depends on which state the system is entering or
       exiting.	 Setting the time zone Checking the current run level Stopping
       network services and daemons Starting (or stopping) system services and
       daemons Starting the cron daemon Setting up paging and dump  facilities
       Setting up uucp files

       Setting	the TIMEZONE variable is one of the first operations completed
       by the rc2 script.  This action provides the default time zone for sub‐
       sequent commands.

       Specifies  the  command	path  Specifies the directory of commands that
       correspond to the run level

       Commands: init(8), rc0(8), rc3(8)


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