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PAL2RGB(1)							    PAL2RGB(1)

       pal2rgb - convert a palette color TIFF image to a full color image

       pal2rgb [ options ] input.tif output.tif

       Pal2rgb	converts  a  palette color TIFF image to a full color image by
       applying the colormap of the palette image to each sample to generate a
       full color RGB image.

       Options that affect the interpretation of input data are:

       -C     This option overrides the default behaviour of pal2rgb in deter‐
	      mining whether or not colormap entries contain 16-bit  or	 8-bit
	      values.  By default the colormap is inspected and if no colormap
	      entry greater than 255 is found, the colormap is assumed to have
	      only  8-bit  values; otherwise 16-bit values (as required by the
	      TIFF specification) are assumed.	The -C option can be  used  to
	      explicitly specify the number of bits for colormap entries: -C 8
	      for 8-bit values, -C 16 for 16-bit values.

       Options that affect the output file format are:

       -p     Explicitly select the planar configuration  used	in  organizing
	      data  samples  in the output image: -p contig for samples packed
	      contiguously, and -p separate for samples stored separately.  By
	      default samples are packed.

       -c     Use  the specific compression algorithm to encoded image data in
	      the output file: -c packbits for Macintosh Packbits, -c lzw  for
	      Lempel-Ziv  & Welch, -c zip for Deflate, -c none for no compres‐
	      sion.  If no compression-related option is specified, the	 input
	      file's compression algorithm is used.

       -r     Explicitly  specify the number of rows in each strip of the out‐
	      put file.	 If the -r  option  is	not  specified,	 a  number  is
	      selected	such  that each output strip has approximately 8 kilo‐
	      bytes of data in it.

       Only 8-bit images are handled.

       tiffinfo(1), tiffcp(1), tiffmedian(1), libtiff(3)

			       October 15, 1995			    PAL2RGB(1)

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