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nmmap(3)							      nmmap(3)

       nmmap  -	 Maps  an  open	 file  into a process's address space (libnuma

       #include <numa.h> #include <sys/mman.h>

       void *nmmap(
	       void *addr,
	       size_t len,
	       int prot,
	       ulong_t flags,
	       int filedes,
	       off_t off,
	       memalloc_attr_t *attr );

       The parameters for nmmap() are the same as for mmap() with the addition
       of the following NUMA-specific parameter: Points to a memory allocation
       policy and attributes structure that will be  assigned  to  the	memory
       object created by the mapping.

       See mmap(2) for descriptions of the remaining parameters.

       If  the attr argument is NULL, the nmmap() function behaves identically
       to the mmap() function. If the attr argument is non-NULL, it points  to
       a  memory  allocation  policy  and  attributes structure that specifies
       where the pages for the new memory object should be allocated.

       If, in the structure pointed to by attr, the value of  mattr_policy  is
       MPOL_DIRECTED  and the value of mattr_rad is RAD_NONE, the mattr_radset
       value specifies the set of Resource Affinity Domains (RADs) from	 which
       the system will choose the RAD where the pages of the new memory object
       will be allocated. If mattr_radset is set  to  NULL,  the  system  will
       select a RAD for the memory object from among all the RADs in the call‐
       er's partition. In this case, the memory	 object's  overflow  set  will
       also be the set of all RADs in the caller's partition.

       Success. A value returned to addr indicates success and is the starting
       address of the region (truncated to the nearest	page  boundary)	 where
       the  new	 memory object has been mapped.	 Failure.  In this case, errno
       is set to indicate the error.

       If the nmmap() function fails, it sets  errno  to  one  of  the	values
       described  in the ERRORS section of mmap(2), or to one of the following
       values for the reason specified: A non-NULL attr argument points to  an
       invalid	address.   The	structure pointed to by the attr argument con‐
       tains an invalid memory	allocation  policy,  an	 invalid  RAD,	or  an
       invalid RAD set.

       Functions: mmap(2), nmadvise(3), numa_intro(3)

       Files: numa_types(4)


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