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named-xfer(8)							 named-xfer(8)

       named-xfer - Pulls BIND zones from another server

       /usr/sbin/named-xfer  -z	 zone_to_transfer  -f db_file -s serial_no [-d
       debug_level]  [-l  debug_log_file]  [-t	trace_file]  [-p  port]	  [-S]

       Specifies the name of the BIND zone for the named-xfer daemon to trans‐
       fer, for example, This option is  required  to	pull  a	 zone.
       Specifies  the  name of the file into which the pulled zone information
       is placed. This option is  required to pull a zone.  Specifies the cur‐
       rent serial number of the SOA record for the zone zone_to_transfer.  If
       serial_no is set to 0, the  zone	 is  always  pulled.  This  option  is
       required	 to  pull  a  zone.   Sets  the debug level and determines the
       amount of debug information to be displayed.  Specifies the  file  that
       will contain any debug messages from the zone pull.  Specifies the file
       that will contain a trace from the zone pull.  Specifies the port  that
       will  be	 used  instead	of  the	 default  name	server	port listed in
       /etc/services.  Performs a restricted transfer  of  only	 the  SOA,  NS
       records	and  glue A records for the zone. The SOA record is not loaded
       by named, but is used to determine when to verify the NS records.   See
       named(8) for more information.  Specifies a list of Internet addresses,
       in dotted-quad format, from which to pull a zone.  If  the  first  host
       cannot  be  reached,  the  named transfer daemon tries to pull the zone
       from the next host listed.

       The named transfer daemon, /usr/sbin/named-xfer, is a  server  that  is
       usually	run  by	 the named daemon, /usr/sbin/named, but it can also be
       run manually with the given arguments.  The named transfer daemon  runs
       on  a BIND secondary server and pulls BIND zones from a primary server.
       This daemon is not run by default,  nor	can  it	 be  started  up  from

       Commands: named(8)

       Files: resolver(4), services(4)


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