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MCUT(1)								       MCUT(1)

       mcut - Quantize colors in an image using the median cut algorithm

       mcut [ -n colors ] [ -d ] [ -o outfile ] infile

       Mcut  reads an RLE file and tries to choose the "best" subset of colors
       to represent the colors present in the original image.	A  common  use
       for this is to display a 24 bit image on a frame buffer with only eight
       bits per pixel using a 24 bit color map.	 Mcut first  quantizes	inten‐
       sity  values  from eight bits to five bits, and then chooses the colors
       from this space.

       Mcut runs in two passes; the first pass scans the  image	 to  find  the
       color  distributions, and the second pass maps the original colors into
       color map indices.  The output file has a color map containing the col‐
       ors   mcut   has	  chosen.    Mcut   also   sets	 the  picture  comment
       "color_map_length" equal to the number of colors it  has	 chosen.   The
       getx11  program	(among	others)	 will  use  this  color map instead of

       -n ncolors
	      Limit the number of colors chosen to ncolors.   The  default  is

       -d     Uses   Floyd/Steinberg   dither  to  hide	 contouring.   Greatly
	      improves images that have a small number of colors.

       infile The input will be read from this file.  If it is	a  multi-image
	      file,  each  image will be quantized to its own colormap.	 Piped
	      input is not allowed.

       -o outfile
	      If specified, output will be written to this file, otherwise  it
	      will go to stdout.

       getx11(1), rlequant(1), urt(1), RLE(5),
       "Color  Image Quantization for Frame Buffer Display", by Paul Heckbert,
       Procedings of SIGGRAPH '82, July 1982, p. 297.

       Robert Mecklenburg, John W. Peterson, University of Utah.

       The initial quantization is hardwired to five bits.  This should be  an

4th Berkeley Distribution	  Nov 8, 1987			       MCUT(1)

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