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ldgetaux(3)							   ldgetaux(3)

       ldgetaux - retrieves an auxiliary entry

       #include	 <stdio.h>  #include  <filehdr.h>  #include  <sym.h>  #include

       pAUXU ldgetaux(
	       LDFILE ldptr,
	       long iaux );

       The ldgetaux() routine returns a pointer to the auxiliary  table	 entry
       (AUXU)  indexed	by  iaux.   The entry is contained in a static buffer.
       Because the buffer can be overwritten by later calls to ldgetaux(), the
       entry must be copied by the caller if it is to be saved or changed.

       Note    that    auxiliary   table   entries   are   not	 swapped.   If
       LDAUXSWAP(ldptr,ldf) is	nonzero,  a  further  call  to	swap_aux()  is
       required. Before calling the swap_aux() routine, the caller should copy
       the entry.

       If the auxiliary table entry cannot be  retrieved,  ldgetaux()  returns
       NULL.  This  occurs  when: The auxiliary table cannot be found The iaux
       offset into the auxiliary table is beyond the end of the table

       The ltdbread() routine returns a local symbol (SYMR) structure that may
       contain	an  index  into the auxiliary table.  If so, ldgetaux() can be
       called with this index to retrieve data type information for the	 local
       symbol.	If  the	 data  type  information  for a symbol is not present,
       ldgetaux() should not be called.

       The program must be loaded with the object file access routine  library

       ldclose(3), ldopen(3), ldtbseek(3), ldtbread(3), ldfcn(4)


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