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ipsec_keypaircheck(8)					 ipsec_keypaircheck(8)

       ipsec_keypaircheck - Checks if public and private keys match

       /usr/sbin/ipsec_keypaircheck  [-cx] [-s passphrase] {public-key | cert-
       file} private-key

       Specifies that the public  key  is  contained  in  a  certificate  file
       instead	of  a  public  key  file.   Specifies  that the private key is
       encrypted, and can be decrypted with passphrase. You cannot use the  -s
       option with the -x option.  Specifies the use of X.509 private key for‐
       mat (not encrypted). You cannot use the -x option with the -s option.

       The ipsec_keypaircheck command enables you to verify  that  public  and
       private	keys  match. You specify public keys with either public-key or
       cert-file. You specify private keys with private-key.

       This command and other related certificate commands  provided  in  this
       IPsec  implementation are intended for testing purposes only.  They are
       not intended to provide a complete public-key  certificate  infrastruc‐

       You can precede the path name to the different files with the following
       formatting characters, delimited by colons as follows: Privacy-Encoded-
       Mail (PEM) format

	      The  file	 is  encoded as a Base64-encoded binary.  Binary (DER-
	      encoded) format

	      The file is encoded in accordance with the Distinguished	Encod‐
	      ing Rules (DER) of ASN.1.	 HEXL format

	      The  file	 is encoded as a hexadecimal string. Each line has the
	      following form:

	      xxxxxxxx: yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy

	      In this form, xxxxxxxx is the hexadecimal offset of the data  at
	      the beginning of the line and yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy yyyy
	      yyyy is up to 16 bytes of hexadecimal data.

       Commands: ipsec_certview(8), ipsec_convert(8), ipsec_keytool(8)


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