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gluDisk()							     gluDisk()

       gluDisk - draw a disk

       void gluDisk(
	       GLUquadric* quad,
	       GLdouble inner,
	       GLdouble outer,
	       GLint slices,
	       GLint loops );

       Specifies  the  quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric()).	Speci‐
       fies the inner radius of the disk (may  be  0).	 Specifies  the	 outer
       radius  of the disk.  Specifies the number of subdivisions around the z
       axis.  Specifies the number of concentric rings about the  origin  into
       which the disk is subdivided.

       gluDisk()  renders  a disk on the z = 0 plane. The disk has a radius of
       outer, and contains a concentric circular hole with a radius of	inner.
       If inner is 0, then no hole is generated. The disk is subdivided around
       the z axis into slices (like pizza slices), and also about the  z  axis
       into rings (as specified by slices and loops, respectively).

       With  respect  to orientation, the +z side of the disk is considered to
       be "outside" (see gluQuadricOrientation()). This means that if the ori‐
       entation	 is set to GLU_OUTSIDE, then any normals generated point along
       the +z axis. Otherwise, they point along the -z axis.

       If texturing has been turned  on	 (with	gluQuadricTexture()),  texture
       coordinates  are	 generated  linearly  such that where $ r = outer, the
       value at (r, 0, 0) is (1, 0.5), at (0, r, 0) it is (0.5, 1), at (-r, 0,
       0) it is (0, 0.5), and at (0, -r, 0) it is (0.5, 0).

       gluCylinder(3), gluNewQuadric(3), gluPartialDisk(3), gluQuadricOrienta‐
       tion(3), gluQuadricTexture(3), gluSphere(3)


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