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getdtablesize(2)					      getdtablesize(2)

       getdtablesize - Get the size of the descriptor table

       #include <unistd.h>

       int getdtablesize(
	       void );

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       getdtablesize(): XSH4.2, XSH5.0

       Refer to the standards(5) reference page	 for  more  information	 about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       The  getdtablesize()  function  returns	the  maximum  number  of  file
       descriptors in a process' descriptor table. Each process	 has  a	 fixed
       size  descriptor	 table	that  is guaranteed to have at least 64 slots.
       The entries in the descriptor table are numbered	 with  small  integers
       starting at 0 (zero).

       The  getdtablesize() function returns the total number of file descrip‐
       tors that a process can have open simultaneously. Each process is  lim‐
       ited to a fixed number of open file descriptors. This limit is at least
       64. The system-defined limit is configurable. If it is greater than 64,
       the  system will allocate more file descriptors for a process up to the
       defined	maximum.  See  the  descriptions  of  the  open_max_hard   and
       open_max_soft  attributes  in  sys_attrs_proc(5)	 for information about
       changing the per-process limit on open file descriptors.

       The getdtablesize() function returns the size of the descriptor	table,
       and is always successful.

       Functions: close(2), getrlimit(2), open(2), select(2)

       Standards: standards(5)


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