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dximageview(1X)						       dximageview(1X)

       dximageview - Image Viewer for displaying graphics files

       /usr/bin/X11/dximageview [options] [filename...]

       The  command line options are as follows: Used with the -root or -root‐
       Mode options to cause the Image Viewer to  exit	after  displaying  the
       image  to  the  root  window.   The name of a file containing a list of
       files to read.  The file should contain one file name per  line.	  Dis‐
       plays  the command syntax.  The number of seconds to display each image
       in auto play mode.  Do not repeat the sequence of images in  auto  play
       mode.   Controls	 how the image is displayed to the root window.	 Valid
       options are: Scales the image to fill the  root	window.	  Centers  the
       image.	Centers	 the  image  in	 the window while preserving the image
       aspect ratio.  Tiles the image with the image centered in  the  window.
       Tiles  the  image  with the image located in the top left corner of the
       window.	Equivalent to -rootMode centerMaximumSize.

       The Image Viewer application, dximageview,  allows  the	user  to  view
       graphics files.

       The supported image types are GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and X Pixmap (XPM).

       To  start  dximageview,	do  one	 of  the following: Click on the Image
       Viewer icon in the CDE Application Manager.  Double click  on  an  icon
       for  a  JPEG, GIF, or TIFF file in the CDE File Manager.	 Drag and drop
       an icon from the CDE File Manager onto the Image Viewer icon.   If  the
       icon  represents a supported image type, the application is opened with
       the subject file as the image  displayed	 in  the  Image	 View  Window.
       Invoke the following command from a terminal window: /usr/bin/X11/dxim‐

       To start the application, enter the  following  at  the	command	 line:

       Commands: dticon(1)


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