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dxarchiver(8)							 dxarchiver(8)

       dxarchiver  -  Archives	and  restores  files to and from disk and tape


       The Archiver application accepts all of the standard X Toolkit  command
       line  options, which are documented in the OPTIONS section in the X(1X)
       reference page.

       Use the Archiver application, dxarchiver, to: Copy and  store  multiple
       files  to  a single, named archive file or output device such as a tape
       or floppy disk Uncompress incoming archive  files  and  compress	 newly
       created files Retrieve stored files from an archive file or device such
       as a tape or floppy disk

       Invoke the Archiver application from the CDE Application	 Manager  from
       the following categories:

       Application Group:	System_Admin
       System Admin Subgroup:	Daily Admin

       When  using  dxarchiver, you can select the tar, pax, or cpio utilities
       to create the archive. Refer to the reference page for each command for
       usage instructions and any restrictions on use.

       Defaults	 that  are  shared by the GUI and CLI The Archiver application
       The Archiver help  volume  Directory  containing	 Archiver  application
       icons  Application defaults file that sets the default values for the X
       resources Archiver message catalog Archiver online  help	 location  IDs
       for on-item help i18n_motif_shared_text.cat

	      Message	catalog	 containing  application-independent  messages

	      Message catalog containing application-independent location  IDs
	      for on-item help

       Commands: cpio(1), pax(1), tar(1), X(1X)

       Files: cpio(4), tar(4)

       System Administration


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