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cfg_configure(9r)					     cfg_configure(9r)

       cfg_configure - General: Loads and configures a kernel subsystem

       #include <sys/sysconfig.h>( ); cfg_status_t cfg_configure(
	       char *subsys );

       Specifies the name of the subsystem to be configured.

       The cfg_configure routine is used to configure a subsystem. If the sub‐
       system is not loaded into the kernel, this routine loads the subsystem.
       The  routine then configures the subsystem using the attribute settings
       from the /etc/sysconfigtab database. If no attributes are  set  in  the
       database, the default values defined in the subsystem code are used.

       Each  subsystem	is  contained  in  a  module  pointed to by subsystem-
       name.mod. For example, a subsystem named mysubsystem  is	 contained  in
       the  mysubsystem.mod  module  file.  This module file must exist in the
       /subsys, /var/subsys, or /sys/BINARY directory on the  system  you  are

       The mysubsystem.mod file must include two things:

       The  subsystem's	 attribute  table,  named mysubsystem_attributes[] The
       subsystem's configure routine, named mysubsystem_configure()

       Refer to the /usr/examples/cfgmgr.c file for an	example	 of  a	sample

       This  routine  returns  32-bit  values composed of subsystem status and
       framework status segments. The upper 16 bits is	the  subsystem	status
       (CFG_STATUS_SUBSYS) and the lower 16 bits is the frame status (CFG_STA‐
       TUS_FRAME). The return values are organized as follows:[Upper subsystem
       16 bits][Lower framework 16 bits]

       The  subsystem  staus  is returned by the subsystem's configure routine
       and can be any error in errno.h. The framework status  is  returned  by
       the  configuration  framework;  the  possible  values  are  defined  in
       <sys/sysconfig.h> as CFG_FRAME_Exxx. A successful operation  has	 ESUC‐
       CESS (0) returned in both status segments.

       See  the	 cfg_errno(9r)	and  errno(2) reference pages for more details
       about error numbers and status.

       A subsystem may be configured using the cfg_configure kernel routine as

	status = cfg_configure(subsystem_name);

       Routines:   cfg_subsys_config(3),  cfg_query(9r),  cfg_reconfigure(9r),
       cfg_subsysop(9r), cfg_unconfigure(9r)

       Other: errno(2)


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