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auth_for_terminal_es(3)				       auth_for_terminal_es(3)

       auth_for_terminal_es - determine whether a given user is authorized for
       login on a given terminal (Enhanced Security)

       #include <prot.h>

       int auth_for_terminal_es(
	       struct es_passwd *prpwd,
	       struct es_term *prtc );

       Security Library -

       Specifies a pointer to the protected profile  structure	Pointer	 to  a
       terminal control structure

       The  auth_for_terminal_es()  function  determines  whether the username
       associated with the prpwd parameter is authorized  for  logins  on  the
       terminal associated with the prtc parameter. The determination is based
       on the username (prpwd->uflg->fg_name  and  prpwd->ufld->fd_name),  the
       terminal name (prtc->uflg->fg_devname, prtc->ufld->fd_devname), and the
       associated device assignment database entry (fields uflg->fg_users  and

       If  either parameter is NULL or if either the username or terminal name
       is NULL, the function returns 1.	 If the device assignment entry corre‐
       sponding	 to  the given terminal is not found, a 1 is returned.	If the
       device assignment entry has no list of  authorized  users,  or  if  the
       username	 associated  with  the prpwd parameter is present in the list,
       then auth_for_terminal_es() routine returns 1.  If there is a  list  of
       authorized  users,  but	the  associated	 username is not found in that
       list, this function returns 0.

       In order to quickstart a program, the program must be  linked  as  fol‐

       -lsecurity -ldb -laud -lm

       See  the	 shared	 library discussion in the Programmer's Guide for more
       information about using the quickstarting feature.

       The auth_for_terminal_es() function is called as part of login process‐
       ing for enhanced security.

       A  return  of 1 indicates that the user is authorized for logins on the
       indicated terminal A return of 0 indicates that the user is not	autho‐
       rized for logins on the indicated terminal

       getespwent(3), getestcent(3), getesdvent(3)



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