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curs_attr(3)							  curs_attr(3)

       curs_attr,  attroff,  wattroff,	attron,	 wattron,  attrset,  wattrset,
       standend, wstandend, standout, wstandout - Curses character and	window
       attribute control routines

       #include <curses.h>

       int attroff(
	       int attrs ); int wattroff(
	       WINDOW *win,
	       int attrs ); int attron(
	       int attrs ); int wattron(
	       WINDOW *win,
	       int attrs ); int attrset(
	       int attrs ); int wattrset(
	       WINDOW *win,
	       int attrs ); int standend(
	       void ); int wstandend(
	       WINDOW *win ); int standout(
	       void ); int wstandout(
	       WINDOW *win );

       Curses Library (libcurses)

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       attroff,	 wattroff,  attron,  wattron,  attrset,	 wattrset,   standend,
       wstandend, standout, wstandout:	XCURSES4.2

       Refer  to  the  standards(5)  reference page for more information about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       These routines manipulate the current  attributes  of  the  current  or
       specified window. The current attributes of a window are applied to all
       characters that are written into the window with	 waddch,  waddstr  and
       wprintw.	 Attributes  are a property of the character and move with the
       character through any scrolling and insert/delete line/character opera‐
       tions.  To  the	extent possible on the particular terminal, attributes
       are displayed as the graphic rendition of characters put on the screen.

       The routine attrset sets the current attributes of the window to attrs.
       The  routine attroff turns off the named attributes without turning any
       other attributes on or off. The	routine	 attron	 turns	on  the	 named
       attributes without affecting any others. The routine standout is equiv‐
       alent to attron(A_STANDOUT). The	 routine  standend  is	equivalent  to
       attrset(0); that is, standend turns off all attributes.

       The following video attributes, which are defined in <curses.h>, can be
       passed to the routines attron, attroff,	and  attrset.  The  attributes
       also  can be combined (by using an inclusive OR operation) with charac‐
       ters passed to addch.

       A_ALTCHARSET   Alternate character set
       A_BLINK	      Blinking
       A_BOLD	      Extra bright or bold
       A_DIM	      Half bright
       A_INVIS	      Invisible
       A_PROTECT      Protected
       A_REVERSE      Reverse video
       A_STANDOUT     Best highlighting mode of the terminal.
       A_UNDERLINE    Underlining

       The header file	<curses.h>  automatically  includes  the  header  file

       Note  that  attroff,  attron,  attrset,	standend,  and standout may be

       These routines always return OK.

       Functions: curses(3), curs_addch(3), curs_addstr(3),  curs_attr_get(3),

       Others: standards(5)


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