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aio_suspend(3)							aio_suspend(3)

       aio_suspend  -  Suspends	 the calling process until at least one of the
       specified asynchronous I/O  requests  has  completed,  until  a	signal
       interrupts the function, or until a timeout interval, if specified, has
       passed (P1003.1b)

       #include <aio.h>

       int aio_suspend ( const struct aiocb  *list,  int  nent,	 const	struct
       timespec *timeout);

       Asynchronous I/O Library (libaio, libaio_raw)

       An array of pointers to asynchronous I/O control blocks.	 The number of
       elements in the array. This number specifies the number of asynchronous
       I/O operations.	A pointer to a timespec structure. If timeout is NULL,
       the argument is ignored.

       The aio_suspend function suspends the calling process  until  at	 least
       one asynchronous I/O operation has completed, until a signal interrupts
       the function, or until a timeout interval, if  specified,  has  passed.
       At  the time of the call, if an asynchronous I/O operation specified in
       the aiocbp array corresponds to completed asynchronous I/O  operations,
       the function returns without suspending the calling process.

       The list argument is an array of pointers to aiocb data structures. The
       nent argument indicates the number  of  elements	 in  the  array.  Each
       aiocbp  structure must have been used in initiating an asynchronous I/O
       request by a call to the aio_read, aio_write, or lio_listio functions.

       If the aio_suspend function returns due to an asynchronous I/O  comple‐
       tion,  a	 value	of 0 (zero) is returned. The application may determine
       which asynchronous I/O operations finished by calling the aio_error and
       aio_return functions.

       On  an unsuccessful call, a value of -1 is returned and errno is set to
       indicate that an error occurred.

       The aio_suspend function fails under the following conditions: No asyn‐
       chronous	 I/O  operation	 indicated in the list referenced by list com‐
       pleted in the time interval indicated by timeout.  A signal interrupted
       the  aio_suspend	 function.  Note  that,	 because each asynchronous I/O
       operation may invoke a signal when it completes, this error return  may
       be  caused by the completion of one or more of the I/O operations being
       awaited.	 An invalid time value was specified in timeout,  or  nent  is
       greater	than  the  maximum  number  of list elements allowed, AIO_LIS‐

       Functions: aio_group_completion_np(3), aio_read(3),  aio_results_np(3),
       aio_write(3), lio_listio(3)

       Guide to Realtime Programming


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