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acct(2)								       acct(2)

       acct - Enables and disables process accounting

       int acct(
	       char *path );

       Specifies  a  pointer  to the pathname of the file, or specifies a null

       The acct() function enables and disables UNIX process accounting.  When
       enabled,	 process accounting produces an accounting record on behalf of
       each terminating process. The path parameter specifies the pathname  of
       the file to which an accounting record is written. When the path param‐
       eter is 0 (zero) or a null value,  the  acct()  function	 disables  the
       accounting  routine.  If	 the path parameter refers to a symbolic link,
       the acct() function writes records to the file pointed to by  the  sym‐
       bolic  link.  If	 Network  File System is installed on your system, the
       accounting file can reside on another node. To ensure accurate account‐
       ing,  each node must have its own accounting file, which can be located
       on any node in the network. The calling	process	 must  have  superuser
       privilege to enable or disable process accounting.

       Upon  successful	 completion,  the acct() function returns a value of 0
       (zero).	Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and errno is set to indi‐
       cate the error.

       If  the acct() function fails, errno may be set to one of the following
       values: The calling process does not have appropriate system privilege.
       The file named by the path parameter does not exist.  The file named by
       the path parameter is not an ordinary file.  Write permission is denied
       for  the	 named accounting file.	 The named file resides on a read-only
       file system.

       Functions: exit(2), sigaction(2), sigvec(2), expacct(3), raise(3)


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