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EvmEventNameMatch(3)					  EvmEventNameMatch(3)

       EvmEventNameMatch, EvmEventNameMatchStr - Match event name

       #include <evm/evm.h>

       EvmStatus_t EvmEventNameMatch(
	       const char *pattern,
	       EvmEvent_t event,
	       EvmBoolean_t *match ); EvmStatus_t EvmEventNameMatchStr(
	       const char *pattern,
	       const char *candidate,
	       EvmBoolean_t *match );

       The  event name pattern sought. The pattern may be any valid event name
       string. It may include wildcard characters in place of  any  component.
       The event containing the event name to be compared against the pattern.
       The result of the match. This operand is set to	EvmTRUE	 if  the  name
       matches	the  pattern,  and  to	EvmFALSE  if it does not.  A character
       string to be matched against the pattern

       Because special matching rules apply when deciding whether a  candidate
       event name matches a known name, the EVM name matching functions should
       be used for matching purposes, rather  than  the	 C  string  comparison
       functions  (memcpm(), strcmp()) . The EVM functions match an event name
       against a supplied pattern, ignoring any trailing  appended  components
       in the candidate name, and correctly matching wildcard characters.

       The EvmEventNameMatch function takes an event and an event name pattern
       as input, and returns an indication of whether  the  event  contains  a
       name  which  matches the pattern in the match output argument. The pat‐
       tern may be any valid event name string, and may also include  wildcard
       characters  in  place  of  any  component.  A wildcard * in the pattern
       matches zero or more name components. A ?  matches exactly  one	compo‐
       nent. A match occurs if the event name matches all components indicated
       by the pattern, even if the name has additional trailing elements.

       The EvmEventNameMatchStr function performs the same check as  EvmEvent‐
       NameMatch,  but	takes  a character string as the candidate event name,
       rather than extracting it from a supplied event.

       Both functions set the match output argument to	EvmTRUE	 if  the  name
       matches the pattern, and to EvmFALSE if it does not.

       The comparison was successful. The value of the match operand indicates
       whether the name matches the pattern.  The  supplied  pattern  contains
       invalid characters.  The supplied event does not contain a name.


       EVM Support Library (libevm.so, libevm.a)


       Routines: memccpy(3), strcat(3)

       Files: kevm(7)

       Event Management: EVM(5)

       EVM Events: EvmEvent(5)

       Programmer's Guide


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