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STRERROR(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		   STRERROR(3)

     perror, strerror, sys_errlist, sys_nerr — system error messages

     #include <stdio.h>

     perror(const char *string);

     extern char *sys_errlist[];
     extern int sys_nerr;

     #include <string.h>

     char *
     strerror(int errnum);

     The strerror() and perror() functions look up the error message string
     corresponding to an error number.

     The strerror() function accepts an error number argument errnum and
     returns a pointer to the corresponding message string.

     The perror() function finds the error message corresponding to the cur‐
     rent value of the global variable errno (intro(2)) and writes it, fol‐
     lowed by a newline, to the standard error file descriptor.	 If the argu‐
     ment string is non-NULL, it is prepended to the message string and sepa‐
     rated from it by a colon and space (‘: ’).	 If string is NULL, only the
     error message string is printed.

     If errnum is not a recognized error number, the error message string will
     contain “Unknown error: ” followed by the error number in decimal.

     The message strings can be accessed directly using the external array
     sys_errlist.  The external value sys_nerr contains a count of the mes‐
     sages in sys_errlist.  The use of these variables is deprecated;
     strerror() should be used instead.

     intro(2), psignal(3)

     The strerror() and perror() functions first appeared in 4.4BSD.

     For unknown error numbers, the strerror() function will return its result
     in a static buffer which may be overwritten by subsequent calls.

4th Berkeley Distribution	 June 9, 1993	     4th Berkeley Distribution

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