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RLESETBG(1)							   RLESETBG(1)

       rlesetbg - Set the background value in the RLE header.

       rlesetbg [ -{DO} ] [ -c bgcolor ...  ] [ -o outfile ] [ infile ]

       rlesetbg	 sets  the  background	color  field in the image header of an
       RLE(5) image (none of the actual pixels are changed).  If infile	 isn't
       specified, the image is read from stdin.

       The  background	color  in the header is used to save space in the run-
       length encoded file.  Runs of background-colored pixels longer  than  2
       pixels are simply not saved.  (Doing this for runs of 1 or 2 background
       pixels can make the saved image larger than if no encoding were	done.)
       Therefore,  changing the background color with rlesetbg may still leave
       some pixels saved in the original background color.  The -D option will
       delete  the  background	color  altogether from the header; this can be
       useful in certain circumstances, but can	 also  lead  to	 very  strange

       -D     Delete any background specification that might be present.

       -O     Specifies that the image has no background, it overlays existing

       -c bgcolor ...
	      Specifies the color values to  set  the  background  to.	 There
	      should be at least as many values as there are color channels in
	      the image.  Use -- or another option to  separate	 the  list  of
	      colors from infile.

       -o outfile
	      If  specified, the output will be written to this file.  If out‐
	      file is "-", or if it is not specified, the output will be writ‐
	      ten to the standard output stream.

       John W. Peterson and Rod Bogart

       repos(1), urt(1), RLE(5).

       This  should  really  be	 part of a single program that does all header

4th Berkeley Distribution      December 20, 1986		   RLESETBG(1)

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