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pid_block(2)							  pid_block(2)

       pid_block, pid_unblock - stops (blocks) or resumes (unblocks) the spec‐
       ified process

       #include <types.h> #include <sys/time.h>

       int pid_block(
	       struct timeval *tp,
	       long flags ); int pid_unblock(
	       pid_t pid,
	       long flags );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Specifies the timeout value for the blocked process.  If	 tp  is	 NULL,
       the process sleeps until either it receives a signal or it is unblocked
       by a pid_unblock.  Specifies the process ID of the process to  unblock.
       Specifies flags that can be passed to the pid_block() and pid_unblock()


	      Currently, the only valid value for flags is NULL.

       The pid_block() function blocks execution of the process until  one  of
       the  following  conditions  occurs:  The	 process  is  unblocked by the
       pid_unblock() function.	A signal is sent to the process.  The optional
       timeout period expires.

       The  pid_unblock function forces the specified process, previously sus‐
       pended via a call to pid_block, to be made runnable.

       Unless you are operating	 with  superuser  authority,  pid_unblock  can
       affect  only  processes	that  you  own.	 When operating with superuser
       authority, you can unblock any process.

       The pid_block and pid_unblock functions are not portable. The  behavior
       of these functions when called from a multithreaded application is non‐

       Upon successful completion, the pid_block() and pid_unblock() functions
       return  a  value	 of  0.	  Otherwise, they return a value of -1 and set
       errno to indicate the error: The pid  parameter	specified  an  invalid
       address.	  The  tp  parameter specified a time that was too large to be
       handled, or the pid specified  to  the  pid_unblock  function  was  not
       found.	The real or saved user ID does not match the real or effective
       user ID of the target process or the  calling  process  does  not  have
       appropriate  privilege.	 A  signal  interrupted the suspended process.
       System call timed out.


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