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NSRMMD(8)							     NSRMMD(8)

       nsrmmd - NetWorker media multiplexor daemon

       nsrmmd [-v] [-s server] [-r system] -n number

       The  nsrmmd  daemon  is	the storage node daemon and is responsible for
       network save and recover media multiplexing operations.

       The nsrmmd daemon does the following:

       o Receives backup information from the NetWorker client.

       o Writes data to the devices (volumes).

       o Sends tracking information to the NetWorker server to track the  data
	 written to the devices (volumes).

       o Reads	the  data  from	 the  devices  (volumes) at the request of the
	 client during a recovery.

       The nsrmmd RPC program ID is 390104 and the daemon version number is 5.
       To  support multiple instances of nsrmmd (if the Concurrent Device Sup‐
       port feature is enabled), the daemon numbers are	 incremented  by  100.
       The first daemon registered is 105, then 205, and so on.

       One  nsrmmd per enabled device is started automatically by nsrd.	 Addi‐
       tional nsrmmd daemons can be started when a mount request  is  pending.
       To change the number of daemons, alter the number of enabled devices.

       -n number
	      Specify the daemon number.

       -s server
	      Specify the controlling server. This option is used on a storage
	      node (see nsr_storage_node(5)).

       -r system
	      Some nsrmmd programs run on the server  but  are	controlling  a
	      device  attached	to  a  Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)
	      system.  Such instances of nsrmmd have an optional  -r  argument
	      specifying the system that is being controlled.

       -v     Verbose: Print out messages about what the daemon is doing.

       nsr(8),	nsr_layout(5),	nsr_service(5),	 nsr_storage_node(5), nsrd(8),
       nsrmm(8), mm_data(5)

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			     NSRMMD(8)

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