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       nsr_regexp - regular expression syntax

       This manual page describes the regular expression handling used in Net‐
       Worker.	The regular expressions recognized are described  below.  This
       description is essentially the same as that for ed(1).

       A  regular expression specifies a set of strings of characters.	A mem‐
       ber of this set of strings is said to be matched by the regular expres‐

       Form   Description

       1.     Any  character  except a special character matches itself.  Spe‐
	      cial characters are the  regular	expression  delimiter  plus  a
	      backslash(\),  brace([), or period(.)  and sometimes a carat(^),
	      asterik(*), or dollar symbol($), depending upon the rules below.

       2.     A .  matches any character.

       3.     A \ followed by any character except a digit  or	a  parenthesis
	      matches that character.

       4.     A	 nonempty string s, bracketed string [s] (or [^s]) matches any
	      character in (or not in) s.  In s, \ has no special meaning  and
	      ]	 may  only  appear as the first letter.	 A substring a-b, with
	      aandb in ascending ASCII order, stands for the  inclusive	 range
	      of ASCII characters.

       5.     A regular expression of form 1 through 4 followed by * matches a
	      sequence of 0 or more matches of the regular expression.

       6.     A bracketed regular expression x of form	1  through  8,	\(x\),
	      matches what x matches.

       7.     A	 \ followed by a digit n matches a copy of the string that the
	      bracketed	 regular  expression  beginning	 with  the  nth	 \(x\)

       8.     A regular expression x of form 1 through 8 followed by a regular
	      expression y of form 1 through 7 matches a match for x  followed
	      by  a  match  for	 y, with the x match being as long as possible
	      while still permitting a y match.

       9.     A regular expression of form 1 through 8 preceded by ^ (or  fol‐
	      lowed  by	 $),  is constrained to matches that begin at the left
	      (or end at the right) end of a line.

       10.    A regular expression of form 1 through 9 picks out  the  longest
	      among the leftmost matches in a line.

       11.    An  empty regular expression stands for a copy of the last regu‐
	      lar expression encountered.

       ed(1), nsr_client(5).

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			 NSR_REGEXP(5)

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