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lsusb(8)		      Linux USB Utilities		      lsusb(8)

       lsusb - list USB devices

       lsusb [ options ]

       lsusb  is  a  utility for displaying information about USB buses in the
       system and the devices connected to them.

       -v, --verbose
	      Tells lsusb to be verbose and display detailed information about
	      the  devices shown.  This includes configuration descriptors for
	      the device's current speed.  Class descriptors  will  be	shown,
	      when  available,	for  USB  device classes including hub, audio,
	      HID, communications, and chipcard.

       -s [[bus]:][devnum]
	      Show only devices in specified bus and/or devnum.	 Both ID's are
	      given in decimal and may be omitted.

       -d [vendor]:[product]
	      Show  only  devices  with	 the  specified vendor and product ID.
	      Both ID's are given in hexadecimal.

       -D device
	      Do not scan the /dev/bus/usb  directory,	instead	 display  only
	      information  about  the  device whose device file is given.  The
	      device file should be something like /dev/bus/usb/001/001.  This
	      option displays detailed information like the v option; you must
	      be root to do this.

       -t     Tells lsusb to dump the physical USB device hierarchy as a tree.
	      This overrides the v option.

       -V, --version
	      Print   version  information  on standard output, then exit suc‐

       If the specified device is not found, a non-zero exit code is returned.

	      A list of all known USB ID's (vendors, products,	classes,  sub‐
	      classes and protocols).

       lspci(8), usbview(8).

       Thomas Sailer, <>.

usbutils-003			  6 May 2009			      lsusb(8)

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