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inet6_opt_next(3)					     inet6_opt_next(3)

       inet6_opt_next - Parse received option extension headers

       #include <netinet/ip6.h>

       int inet6_opt_next(
	       void *extbuf,
	       size_t extlen,
	       int prevlen,
	       uint8_t *typep,
	       size_t *lenp,
	       void **databufp );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Points  to  a  buffer that contains an extension header.	 Specifies the
       length, in bytes, of the extension header.  Specifies the  location  in
       the extension header of an option. Valid values are either 0 (zero) for
       the first option or the length returned from a previous call to	either
       inet6_opt_next() or inet6_opt_find().  Points to the type of the option
       found.  Points to the length of the option found.  Points to the option

       The inet6_opt_next() function parses a received option extension header
       and returns the next option. In addition, it returns an offset  to  the
       next  option  that  you	specify in the prevlen parameter to subsequent
       calls to inet6_opt_next().

       This function does not return any PAD1 or PADN options.

       Upon successful completion, the inet6_opt_next() function  returns  the
       offset for the next option in the data buffer. Upon failure, it returns
       a -1.

       Functions: inet6_opt_append(3), inet6_opt_find(3), inet6_opt_finish(3),
       inet6_opt_get_val(3), inet6_opt_init(3), inet6_opt_set_val(3).

       Network Programmer's Guide


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