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inet6_opt_append(3)					   inet6_opt_append(3)

       inet6_opt_append - Return the length of an IPv6 extension header with a
       new option and append the option

       #include <netinet/ip6.h>

       int inet6_opt_append(
	       void *extbuf,
	       size_t extlen,
	       int prevlen,
	       uint8_t type,
	       size_t len,
	       uint_t align,
	       void **databufp );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Points to a buffer that contains an extension header. This is either  a
       valid pointer or a NULL pointer.	 Specifies the length of the extension
       header to initialize. Valid values are 0 if  extbufequals  0,  a	 value
       returned	 by inet6_opt_finish(), or any number that is a multiple of 8.
       Specifies the length of the  existing  extension	 header.  Obtain  this
       value  from  a  prior  call  to inet6_opt_init() or inet6_opt_append().
       Specifies the type of option. Valid values range from 2 to 255,	inclu‐
       sive,  excluding 194.  Specifies the length of the option data, exclud‐
       ing the option type and option length fields. Valid values range from 0
       to 255, inclusive.  Specifies the alignment of the option. Valid values
       are 1, 2, 4, and 8.  Points to a buffer that contains the option data.

       The inet6_opt_append() function when  called  with  extbuf  as  a  NULL
       pointer	and  extlen  as	 0,  returns the updated number of bytes in an
       extension header.

       If you specify extbuf as a valid pointer and valid len and align param‐
       eters,  the  function  returns  the same information as in the previous
       case, but also inserts the pad option, initializes the type and	length
       fields, and returns a pointer to the location for the option content.

       After  you  call	 inet6_opt_append(),  you  can	then  use  the databuf
       directly or call inet6_opt_set_val() to specify the option contents.

       Upon successful completion, the inet6_opt_append() function returns the
       updated	number	of  bytes  in  an  extension  header. Upon failure, it
       returns a -1.

       Functions:	    inet6_opt_find(3),		  inet6_opt_finish(3),
       inet6_opt_get_val(3),	   inet6_opt_init(3),	    inet6_opt_next(3),

       Network Programmer's Guide


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