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HILBERT(3)							    HILBERT(3)

       hilbert_i2c, hilbert_c2i - Compute points on a Hilbert curve.

       void hilbert_i2c( dim, bits, idx, coords )
       int dim, bits;
       long int idx;
       int coords[];

       void hilbert_c2i( dim, bits, coords, idx )
       int dim, bits;
       int coords[];
       long int *idx;

       These procedures map the real line onto a Hilbert curve and vice versa.
       (A Hilbert curve is a space filling curve similar to the	 Peano	curve,
       except  it is not closed.)  The procedure hilbert_i2c returns the coor‐
       dinates of a point on the Hilbert curve, given an  index	 value	repre‐
       senting	 its   sequential   position  on  the  curve.	The  procedure
       hilbert_c2i reverses the process.  The arguments are:

       dim    The dimensionality of the Hilbert curve.	For the	 usual	planar
	      curve case, this would be 2.

       bits   The resolution to which the Hilbert curve will be computed.  The
	      space is quantized to 2^bits values on each axis, so  there  are
	      2^(3*bits)  points on the curve.	The product of dim*bits should
	      be less than or equal to the number of bits in  a	 long  integer
	      (typically  32),	and  bits  should be less than or equal to the
	      number of bits in an integer.

       idx    The sequential position of the point along the  curve  (starting
	      from 0).	This is a 3*bits bit integer.

       coords The  spatial  coordinates	 of the point on the curve.  The array
	      should hold dim values.  Each is a bits bit integer.

       A. R. Butz, "Alternative algorithm for Hilbert's space-filling  curve,"
       IEEE Trans. Comput., vol C-20, pp. 424-426, Apr. 1971.

       Spencer W. Thomas

4th Berkeley Distribution	    3/12/91			    HILBERT(3)

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