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GQMPEG(1)							     GQMPEG(1)

       GQmpeg - A frontend to mpg123.

       gqmpeg [option(s)] [file(s) | ipc_command(s)]

       A frontend to mpg123 with extensive themeability and playlist support.

       General options:

	      Load skin from skindir.

       --dock Enable  docking  behavior.  Changes  mouse button behavior only,
	      disconnects middle button (button2) and disables moving  of  the
	      window by dragging the mouse.

	      Enable Window Maker docking. Also applies the -dock option.

	      Print mouse event coordinates, helpful for skin creation.

	      Enable debugging output.

       -h,  --help
	      Displays basic usage information.

	      Start up with an empty playlist.

       Commands (refered to as ipc commands) are also available that allow the
       control of another GQmpeg process, ipc must be enabled in the  programs
       options.	  If  GQmpeg  is  not running and ipc commands are used, a new
       process is spawned for these commands to control.  These are the avail‐
       able ipc options:

       -p, --play
	      Starts playback, if already playing works like pause.

       -s,  --stop
	      Stop playback.

       -n,  --next
	      Skips to the next song in the playlist.

       -b,  --back
	      Skips to the previous song in the playlist.

       -ps,  --pause
	      If playingm toggles pause of playback.

       -pladd,	--playlist_add file [...]
	      Add file(s) to the current playlist.

       -pladdplay,  --playlist_add_play file
	      Add file to the current playlist and play it.

       -plrm,  --playlist_remove file [...]
	      Remove file(s) from the current playlist, if present.

       -plclr,	--playlist_clear
	      Clear the current playlist.

       -pl,  --playlist file
	      Load playlist file.

       -plappend,  --playlist_append file [...]
	      Append file(s) to the current playlist.

       -f,  --file file
	      Play  file but do not add to the current playlist, or if file is
	      a playlist, load it as the current playlist.

       -q,  --quit
	      Tell a running GQmpeg to quit.

       Files in home directories:

	      The main configuration file, all options are saved here.

	      On application exit, the current playlist is saved to this file.
	      Then depending on start up options, read upon application start.

	      Default location for playlist files.

	      Default location for skins.

	      A	 FIFO  file  that  commands  can be sent to (for example, with
	      echo), to control the currently running  process.	 Example  com‐
	      mands  are play, pause, stop, next, prev, quit, play_file <file‐
	      name>, etc. See README for more details.

	      Contains the current PID of the gqmpeg process (if any) that  is
	      listening for ipc commands.


       Main Author
	      John Ellis <>

       See README for full credits.


       Please send feedback to

				    GQmpeg			     GQMPEG(1)

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