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glXImportContextEXT()					 glXImportContextEXT()

       glXImportContextEXT  - import another process's indirect rendering con‐

       GLXContext glXImportContextEXT(
	       Display *dpy,
	       GLXContextID contextID );

       Specifies the connection to the X server.  Specifies  a	GLX  rendering

       glXImportContextEXT() creates a GLXContext given the XID of an existing
       GLXContext. It may be used in place  of	glXCreateContext(),  to	 share
       another process's indirect rendering context.

       Only  the  server-side  context	information  can  be  shared between X
       clients; client-side state, such as  pixel  storage  modes,  cannot  be
       shared.	Thus,  glXImportContextEXT()  must  allocate  memory  to store
       client-side information.	 This memory is freed by  calling  glXFreeCon‐

       This  call  does	 not  create  a	 new XID.  It merely makes an existing
       object available to the importing client (Display *). Like any XID,  it
       goes  away  when	 the creating client drops its connection or the ID is
       explicitly deleted.  Note that this is when  the	 XID  goes  away.  The
       object  goes away when the XID goes away AND the context is not current
       to any thread.

       If contextID refers to a direct rendering context then no error is gen‐
       erated but glXImportContextEXT() returns NULL.

       glXImportContextEXT()  is part of the EXT_import_context extension, not
       part of the core GLX command set. If GLX_EXT_import_context is included
       in  the string returned by glXQueryExtensionsString(), when called with
       argument GLX_EXTENSIONS, extension EXT_import_context is supported.

       GLXBadContext is generated if contextID does not refer to a valid  con‐

       glXCreateContext(),    glXQueryVersion(),   glXQueryExtensionsString(),
       glXGetContextIDEXT(), glXFreeContextEXT()


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