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glMapGrid(3G)							 glMapGrid(3G)

       glMapGrid,  glMapGrid1d, glMapGrid1f, glMapGrid2d, glMapGrid2f - define
       a one- or two-dimensional mesh

       void glMapGrid1d(
	       GLint un,
	       GLdouble u1,
	       GLdouble u2 ); void glMapGrid1f(
	       GLint un,
	       GLfloat u1,
	       GLfloat u2 ); void glMapGrid2d(
	       GLint un,
	       GLdouble u1,
	       GLdouble u2,
	       GLint vn,
	       GLdouble v1,
	       GLdouble v2 ); void glMapGrid2f(
	       GLint un,
	       GLfloat u1,
	       GLfloat u2,
	       GLint vn,
	       GLfloat v1,
	       GLfloat v2 );

       Specifies the number of partitions in the grid range interval [u1, u2].
       Must  be positive.  Specify the mappings for integer grid domain values
       i=0 and i="un".	Specifies the number of partitions in the  grid	 range
       interval	 [v1, v2] (glMapGrid2() only).	Specify the mappings for inte‐
       ger grid domain values j=0 and j="vn" (glMapGrid2() only).

       glMapGrid() and glEvalMesh() are used together to efficiently  generate
       and evaluate a series of evenly-spaced map domain values.  glEvalMesh()
       steps through the integer domain of a  one-  or	two-dimensional	 grid,
       whose  range is the domain of the evaluation maps specified by glMap1()
       and glMap2().

       glMapGrid1() and glMapGrid2() specify the linear grid mappings  between
       the  i  (or  i  and  j) integer grid coordinates, to the u (or u and v)
       floating-point evaluation map coordinates.  See glMap1()	 and  glMap2()
       for details of how u and v coordinates are evaluated.

       glMapGrid1()  specifies	a single linear mapping such that integer grid
       coordinate 0 maps exactly to u1, and integer grid  coordinate  un  maps
       exactly	to u2. All other integer grid coordinates i are mapped so that
       u = i(u2-u1/un + u1

       glMapGrid2() specifies two such linear mappings. One maps integer  grid
       coordinate  i=0	exactly	 to  u1,  and  integer	grid coordinate i="un"
       exactly to u2. The other maps integer grid coordinate  j=0  exactly  to
       v1,  and	 integer  grid	coordinate j="vn" exactly to v2. Other integer
       grid coordinates i and j are mapped such that u = i(u2-u1/un + u1  v  =
       j(v2-v1/vn + uv1

       The  mappings  specified	 by  glMapGrid()  are used identically by glE‐
       valMesh() and glEvalPoint().

       GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if either un or vn is not positive.

       GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glMapGrid()	 is  executed  between
       the execution of glBegin() and the corresponding execution of glEnd().

       glGet() with argument GL_MAP1_GRID_DOMAIN
       glGet() with argument GL_MAP2_GRID_DOMAIN
       glGet() with argument GL_MAP1_GRID_SEGMENTS
       glGet() with argument GL_MAP2_GRID_SEGMENTS

       glEvalCoord(3), glEvalMesh(3), glEvalPoint(3), glMap1(3), glMap2(3)


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