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glGetTexGen(3G)						       glGetTexGen(3G)

       glGetTexGen, glGetTexGendv, glGetTexGendfv, glGetTexGeniv - return tex‐
       ture coordinate generation parameters

       void glGetTexGendv(
	       GLenum coord,
	       GLenum pname,
	       GLdouble *params ); void glGetTexGenfv(
	       GLenum coord,
	       GLenum pname,
	       GLfloat *params ); void glGetTexGeniv(
	       GLenum coord,
	       GLenum pname,
	       GLint *params );

       Specifies a texture coordinate. Must be	GL_S,  GL_T,  GL_R,  or	 GL_Q.
       Specifies  the  symbolic	 name  of the value(s) to be returned. Must be
       either GL_TEXTURE_GEN_MODE or the name of one of the texture generation
       plane   equations:   GL_OBJECT_PLANE   or  GL_EYE_PLANE.	  Returns  the
       requested data.

       glGetTexGen() returns in params selected parameters of a texture	 coor‐
       dinate  generation function that was specified using glTexGen().	 coord
       names one of the (s, t, r, q) texture coordinates, using	 the  symbolic
       constant GL_S, GL_T, GL_R, or GL_Q.

       pname specifies one of three symbolic names: params returns the single-
       valued texture generation function, a symbolic  constant.  The  initial
       value is GL_EYE_LINEAR.	params returns the four plane equation coeffi‐
       cients that specify object linear-coordinate generation.	 Integer  val‐
       ues,  when  requested,  are mapped directly from the internal floating-
       point representation.  params returns the four plane  equation  coeffi‐
       cients  that  specify eye linear-coordinate generation. Integer values,
       when requested, are mapped directly from	 the  internal	floating-point
       representation. The returned values are those maintained in eye coordi‐
       nates. They are not equal to the	 values	 specified  using  glTexGen(),
       unless the modelview matrix was identity when glTexGen() was called.

       If an error is generated, no change is made to the contents of params.

       When  the  GL_ARB_multitexture  extension  is  supported, glGetTexGen()
       returns the texture coordinate generation  parameters  for  the	active
       texture unit.

       GL_INVALID_ENUM	is  generated  if  coord  or  pname is not an accepted

       GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glGetTexGen() is executed  between
       the execution of glBegin() and the corresponding execution of glEnd().

       glActiveTextureARB(3), glTexGen(3)


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