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DROP ROLE(7)			 SQL Commands			  DROP ROLE(7)

       DROP ROLE - remove a database role

       DROP ROLE [ IF EXISTS ] name [, ...]

       DROP ROLE removes the specified role(s).	 To drop a superuser role, you
       must be a superuser yourself; to drop  non-superuser  roles,  you  must
       have CREATEROLE privilege.

       A  role	cannot be removed if it is still referenced in any database of
       the cluster; an error will be raised if so. Before dropping  the	 role,
       you must drop all the objects it owns (or reassign their ownership) and
       revoke any privileges the role has been	granted.  The  REASSIGN	 OWNED
       [reassign_owned(7)] and DROP OWNED [drop_owned(7)] commands can be use‐
       ful for this purpose.

       However, it is not necessary to remove role memberships	involving  the
       role;  DROP  ROLE  automatically	 revokes any memberships of the target
       role in other roles, and of other roles in the target role.  The	 other
       roles are not dropped nor otherwise affected.

       IF EXISTS
	      Do  not  throw  an error if the role does not exist. A notice is
	      issued in this case.

       name   The name of the role to remove.

       PostgreSQL includes a program dropuser [dropuser(1)] that has the  same
       functionality  as this command (in fact, it calls this command) but can
       be run from the command shell.

       To drop a role:

       DROP ROLE jonathan;

       The SQL standard defines DROP ROLE, but it allows only one role	to  be
       dropped	at  a  time, and it specifies different privilege requirements
       than PostgreSQL uses.

       CREATE ROLE [create_role(7)],  ALTER  ROLE  [alter_role(7)],  SET  ROLE

SQL - Language Statements	  2013-10-08			  DROP ROLE(7)

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