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ac(8)									 ac(8)

       ac - Outputs connect-session records

       /usr/sbin/ac [-dp] [-w filename] [user(s) ...]

       Outputs the total connect time for each midnight-to-midnight period for
       which a wtmp file exists. When user(s) is specified, this option limits
       the  output  to	the  login  names specified by any user(s) operand(s).
       Outputs the connect time total by individual login  name	 of  the  user
       specified  with the -p option and the user(s) operand. Omission of this
       option permits a total only for the  midnight-to-midnight  time	period
       for  all	 logged	 in users to be produced.  Specifies a wtmp file other
       than the /var/adm/wtmp file. The wtmp file you access for data may have
       been  created automatically by some shell script administration command
       (for example, runacct) or manually by the system administrator when the
       original /var/adm/wtmp file becomes too large.

       The  ac	command	 prints to the default output device the total connect
       time in hours to the nearest hundredth for all users,  or  the  connect
       time  for  any user(s) specified with the -p option. It also prints the
       names of users specified by the user(s) operand who have logged in dur‐
       ing the life of the current /var/adm/wtmp file.

       Connect-time records are written by the init and the login programs and
       are collected in the /var/adm/wtmp file, when such a file exists.  When
       a /var/adm/wtmp file does not exist, no connect-time accounting records
       are written; consequently, when connect-time records  are  wanted,  the
       system  administrator  should  create  a /var/adm/wtmp file that has an
       initial record length of 0 (zero). Records in wtmp files (there may  be
       more  than  one such file) should be processed periodically to keep the
       files from becoming too large.

       When you use the runacct command in a  shell  script,  additional  wtmp
       files  can  be  automatically  created  whenever	 the current wtmp file
       becomes too large. You can output the contents of any  of  these	 other
       files when you specify the -w option and the desired wtmp filename.

       The  ac	command	 is  run  independently with respect to any accounting
       shell procedure created or run by any of the acct/* shell procedures or
       runacct commands.

       To  obtain  an  output of the total connect time for all users who have
       logged in during the  life  of  the  current  wtmp  data	 file,	enter:
       /usr/sbin/ac To obtain an output of the total connect time for grossman
       and mcwhinney as	 recorded  in  the  default  wtmp  data	 file,	enter:
       /usr/sbin/ac   grossman	 mcwhinney  To obtain an output of the connect
       time subtotals for grossman and mcwhinney as recorded  in  the  default
       wtmp data file, enter: /usr/sbin/ac -p  grossman	 mcwhinney

       Specifies the command path.  Is the active data file for the collection
       of connect-time records.

       Commands: login(1), init(8)


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