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PNEWS(1)							      PNEWS(1)

       Pnews - a program for posting news articles

       Pnews newsgroup title
       Pnews -h headerfile [oldarticle]

       Pnews  is  a friendly interface for posting news articles.  It will ask
       several questions, then allow you to enter your article, and then  post
       it  using the inews(1) program.	If you type h and a carriage return at
       any point, Pnews will tell you what it wants to know.

       The -h form is used when invoked from rn.  If your editor can edit mul‐
       tiple files, and you want the article to which you are replying to show
       up as an alternate file, define the environment variable NEWSPOSTER  as
       "Pnews  -h  %h %A".  You can also modify the the NEWSHEADER environment
       variable to change the header file that rn passes to Pnews.

	       If defined, contains the name of a file to which	 the  finished
	       article will be appended.

	       Default: article not saved

       DOTDIR  Where  to  find	your  dot  files,  if they aren't in your home
	       directory.  This is primarily for accounts which are shared  by
	       more than one person.

	       Default: $HOME

       EDITOR  The editor you want to use, if VISUAL is undefined.

	       Default:	 whatever  your	 news administrator installed, usually

       HOME    Your home directory.

	       Default: $LOGDIR

       LOGDIR  Your home directory if HOME is undefined.

       LOGNAME Your login name, if USER is undefined.

	       Default: value of "whoami".

       NAME    Your full name.

	       Default: name from /etc/passwd, or ~/.fullname.

       NEWSORG Either the name of your organization, or the  name  of  a  file
	       containing the name of your organization. (For use at organiza‐
	       tions where the ORGANIZATION environmental variable is  in  use
	       for  other purposes). If both NEWSORG and ORGANIZATION are set,
	       NEWSORG will override ORGANIZATION.

	       Either the name of your organization, or the  name  of  a  file
	       containing the name of your organization.

	       Default: whatever your news administrator chose.

       REPLYTO The  contents  of a "Reply-To:" header line to insert into your

	       Default: header line not inserted.

       USER    Your login name.

	       Default: $LOGNAME

       VISUAL  The editor you want to use.

	       Default: $EDITOR


       rn(1), Rnmail(1), inews(1)

       Not the speediest program in the world, but maybe that's a blessing  to
       the net.

				     LOCAL			      PNEWS(1)

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