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SIZE(9P)							      SIZE(9P)

       size,  Nblock,  blksize,	 device-nblocks,  device-blksize - device size

       A driver can communicate size information to the system by  the	values
       associated  with	 following properties. Size information falls into two
       categories: device size associated with a dev_info_t  node,  and	 minor
       node  size  associated  with  a ddi_create_minor_node(9F) dev_t (parti‐

       device size property names:

			 An  int64_t  property	representing  device  size  in

			 An integer property representing the size in bytes of
			 a block. If defined, the value must  be  a  power  of
			 two. If not defined, DEV_BSIZE is implied.

       minor size property names:

		  An  int64_t  property	 representing  the  size in bytes of a
		  character  minor  device  (S_IFCHR  spec_type	 in   ddi_cre‐

		  An  int64_t  property	 representing  the  number  blocks, in
		  device-blksize units,	 of  a	block  minor  device  (S_IFBLK
		  spec_type in ddi_create_minor_node).

		  An  integer  property	 representing  the  size in bytes of a
		  block. If defined, the value must be a power of two. If  not
		  defined, DEV_BSIZE is implied.

       A  driver  that	implements both block and character minor device nodes
       should support both "Size" and "Nblocks". Typically, the	 following  is
       true: Size = Nblocks * blksize.

       A driver where all ddi_create_minor_node(9F) calls for a given instance
       are associated with the same physical  block  device  should  implement
       "device-nblocks".  If  the  device  has a fixed block size with a value
       other than DEV_BSIZE then "device-blksize" should be implemented.

       The driver is responsible for ensuring that property values are updated
       when  device,  media,  or  partition sizes change. For each represented
       item, if its size is know to be zero,  the  property  value  should  be
       zero. If its size is unknown, the property should not be defined.

       A driver may choose to implement size properties within its prop_op(9E)
       implementation. This reduces system memory since no space  is  used  to
       store the properties.

       The DDI property interfaces deal in signed numbers. All Size(9P) values
       should be considered unsigned. It is the	 responsibility	 of  the  code
       dealing	with the property value to ensure that an unsigned interpreta‐
       tion occurs.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Committed	      │

       attach(9E),   detach(9E),    prop_op(9E),    ddi_create_minor_node(9F),

       Writing Device Drivers

				 Jan 23, 2008			      SIZE(9P)

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