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UNGETWC(3C)							   UNGETWC(3C)

       ungetwc - push wide-character code back into input stream

       #include <stdio.h>
       #include <wchar.h>

       wint_t ungetwc(wint_t wc, FILE *stream);

       The  ungetwc()  function pushes the character corresponding to the wide
       character code specified by wc back onto the input stream pointed to by
       stream. The pushed-back characters will be returned by subsequent reads
       on that stream in the reverse order  of	their  pushing.	 A  successful
       intervening call (with the stream pointed to by stream) to a file-posi‐
       tioning function ( fseek(3C), fsetpos(3C) or rewind(3C))	 discards  any
       pushed-back characters for the stream. The external storage correspond‐
       ing to the stream is unchanged.

       One character of push-back is guaranteed. If ungetwc()  is  called  too
       many times on the same stream without an intervening read or file-posi‐
       tioning operation on that stream, the operation may fail.

       If the value of wc equals that of the macro WEOF, the  operation	 fails
       and the input stream is unchanged.

       A successful call to ungetwc() clears the end-of-file indicator for the
       stream. The value of the file-position indicator for the	 stream	 after
       reading or discarding all pushed-back characters will be the same as it
       was before the characters were pushed back. The file-position indicator
       is  decremented	(by one or more) by each successful call to ungetwc();
       if its value was 0 before a call, its value is indeterminate after  the

       Upon  successful	 completion, ungetwc() returns the wide-character code
       corresponding to the pushed-back character. Otherwise it returns WEOF.

       The ungetwc() function may fail if:

		 An invalid character sequence is detected, or a  wide-charac‐
		 ter code does not correspond to a valid character.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Standard	      │
       │MT-Level	    │ MT-Safe	      │

       read(2), fseek(3C), fsetpos(3C), rewind(3C), setbuf(3C), attributes(5),

				 Aug 14, 2002			   UNGETWC(3C)

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