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rmdir (SunOS)							 rmdir (SunOS)

       rmdir - remove directories

       Requires the unistd.h header file.

       The  errno value ENOTEMPTY on SunOS has been changed to EEXIST on Digi‐
       tal UNIX.

       New error conditions: The S_ISVTX flag is set on the  parent  directory
       of the directory to be removed, and the caller is not the file owner.

       [Digital] For NFS file access, if the rmdir() function fails, errno may
       also be set to one of the following values: The file  position  pointer
       associated  with	 the filedes parameter was negative.  Indicates either
       that the system file table is full, or that there are  too  many	 files
       currently  open	in the system.	Indicates a stale NFS file handle.  An
       opened file was deleted by the server or another client; a client  can‐
       not  open  a  file  because  the server has unmounted or unexported the
       remote directory; or the directory that contains	 an  opened  file  was
       either unmounted or unexported by the server.

       Digital UNIX Functions:

	   rmdir(2) delim off

								 rmdir (SunOS)

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