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       pppoe-connect - Shell script to manage a PPPoE link

       pppoe-connect [config_file]

       pppoe-connect interface user [config_file]

       pppoe-connect  is a shell script which manages a PPPoE connection using
       the Roaring Penguin user-space PPPoE client.  If you omit  config_file,
       the  default file /etc/ppp/pppoe.conf is used.  If you supply interface
       and user, then they override the Ethernet interface and user-name  set‐
       tings in the configuration file.

       Note  that  normally,  you  should  not	invoke pppoe-connect directly.
       Instead, use pppoe-start to bring up the PPPoE connection.

       pppoe-connect first reads a configuration file.	It then	 brings	 up  a
       PPPoE connection.  If the connection ever drops, a message is logged to
       syslog, and pppoe-connect re-establishes the connection.	 In  addition,
       each  time  the	connection is dropped or cannot be established, pppoe-
       connect executes the script /etc/ppp/pppoe-lost if  it  exists  and  is

       The  shell  script  pppoe-stop causes pppoe-connect to break out of its
       loop, bring the connection down, and exit.

       pppoe-connect uses the following shell variables from the configuration

       ETH    The  Ethernet interface connected to the DSL modem (for example,

       USER   The PPPoE user-id (for example, b1xxnxnx@sympatico.ca).

	      A file in which to write the  process-ID	of  the	 pppoe-connect
	      process (for example, /var/run/pppoe.pid).  Two additional files
	      ($PIDFILE.pppd and $PIDFILE.pppoe) hold the process-ID's of  the
	      pppd and pppoe processes, respectively.

       By using different configuration files with different PIDFILE settings,
       you can manage multiple PPPoE connections.  Just specify the configura‐
       tion file as an argument to pppoe-start and pppoe-stop.

       pppoe-connect was written by David F. Skoll <dfs@roaringpenguin.com>.

       The pppoe home page is http://www.roaringpenguin.com/pppoe/.

       pppoe(8), pppoe-start(8), pppoe-stop(8), pppd(8), pppoe.conf(5), pppoe-
       setup(8),  pppoe-status(8),  pppoe-sniff(8),  pppoe-server(8),	pppoe-

4th Berkeley Distribution      21 February 2000		      PPPOE-CONNECT(8)

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