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       ncaport.conf - ncaport configuration file


       The  ncaport.conf  file is used to configure the IP addresses and ports
       that the Solaris Network Cache and  Acceleration	 (NCA)	kernel	module
       services.   The	file contains two fields, key and value, in the format
       of ncaport=ipaddress/port. IPv4 addresses must be in the	 dot  notation
       d.d.d.d.	 IPv6 addresses must be in one of the three conventional forms
       (see inet_pton(3SOCKET)). If an asterisk (*) is used for an IP address,
       it is interpreted as INADDR_ANY, which matches any IP address.

       A  web  server  uses  the  environment variable LD_PRELOAD and the nca‐
       port.conf configuration file to convert an AF_INET socket to an	AF_NCA
       socket.	LD_PRELOAD enables the NCA socket utility library to be loaded
       before See the ncad_addr(4) for details.	  When	a  web
       server  issues  the bind(3SOCKET) system call, it is intercepted by the
       interposition library If the bind address is in the  nca‐
       port.conf file, the AF_INET socket is converted to a AF_NCA socket.

       Example 1 Sample ncaport.conf File

       The following is a sample ncaport.conf file:

	 # NCA Kernel Module Port Configuration File

       nca(1), bind(3SOCKET), inet_pton(3SOCKET), ncad_addr(4), attributes(5)

       For  those web servers that use AF_NCA sockets, the NCA port configura‐
       tion described here has no effect.

       NCA does not currently support IPv6. Any IPv6  addresses	 in  the  file
       ncaport.conf are ignored.

				 Jul 30, 2001		       NCAPORT.CONF(4)

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