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MT(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual			 MT(1)

     mt — magnetic tape manipulating program

     mt [-f tapename] command [count]

     mt ~ is used to give commands to a magnetic tape drive.  By default mt
     performs the requested operation once.  Operations may be performed mul‐
     tiple times by specifying count.  Note that tapename must reference a raw
     (not block) tape device.

     The available commands are listed below.  Only as many characters as are
     required to uniquely identify a command need be specified.

     eof, weof	Write count end-of-file marks at the current position on the

     fsf	Forward space count files.

     fsr	Forward space count records.

     bsf	Back space count files.

     bsr	Back space count records.

     rewind	Rewind the tape (Count is ignored).

     offline, rewoffl
		Rewind the tape and place the tape unit off-line (Count is

     status	Print status information about the tape unit.

     If a tape name is not specified, and the environment variable TAPE does
     not exist; mt uses the device /dev/rmt12.

     mt ~ returns a 0 exit status when the operation(s) were successful, 1 if
     the command was unrecognized, and 2 if an operation failed.

     If the following environment variable exists, it is utilized by mt.

     TAPE	 mt ~ checks the TAPE environment variable if the argument
		 tapename is not given.

     /dev/rmt*	Raw magnetic tape interface

     dd(1), ioctl(2), environ(7)

     The mt command appeared in 4.3BSD.

4th Berkeley Distribution	 June 6, 1993	     4th Berkeley Distribution

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