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MKDIR(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		      MKDIR(1)

     mkdir — make directories

     mkdir [-p] [-m mode] directory_name ...

     Mkdir creates the directories named as operands, in the order specified,
     using mode rwxrwxrwx (0777) as modified by the current umask(2).

     The options are as follows:

     -m	     Set the file permission bits of the final created directory to
	     the specified mode.  The mode argument can be in any of the for‐
	     mats specified to the chmod(1) command.  If a symbolic mode is
	     specified, the operation characters “+” and “-” are interpreted
	     relative to an initial mode of “a=rwx”.

     -p	     Create intermediate directories as required.  If this option is
	     not specified, the full path prefix of each operand must already
	     exist.  Intermediate directories are created with permission bits
	     of rwxrwxrwx (0777) as modified by the current umask, plus write
	     and search permission for the owner.

     The user must have write permission in the parent directory.

     Mkdir exits 0 if successful, and >0 if an error occurred.


     The mkdir utility is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 (“POSIX.2”) compati‐

BSD			       January 25, 1994				   BSD

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