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       ipmetrics - convert an Interpress metrics master to other forms

       ipmetrics [ -c compositionSystem ] [ -d	destinationLibrary ] file ...

       Ipmetrics  executes  the Interpress metric masters given on the command
       line and converts the results to the metrics formats for various compo‐
       sition  systems.	  Currently the system will produce metrics for Troff,
       TeX, or a generic system.

       The following options are understood:

       -c     is used to set which composition system the output is for.  Cur‐
	      rent  arguments are troff, tex, toc, and generic.	 ``toc'' means
	      table of contents.

       -d     option specifies the final destination  of  the  output  metrics
	      files.  This program doesn't place the metrics files there imme‐
	      diately, it uses this option to help generate a shell script  to
	      do the installation.  The default for this option is site depen‐

       In other than ``toc'' mode, the standard input is a description of  the
       mapping	from the font names in the metric master to target font names.
       The standard-input is token-based where tokens are seperated  by	 white
       space.	A  "#" in column one (1) indicates a comment.  The first token
       on the standard input must be "device" followed by the name of the tar‐
       get device.  Each line after that contains the description of one font.
       Each of these lines has five (5) tokens in it.  The first three are the
       full  universal name of the font, the next is the name as it's known to
       the destination composition system and the last token names a file that
       will  contain  the mapping specification for the font.  That file  will
       specify how to translate from the metric master's character  set	 (usu‐
       ally  XC1-1-1)  to that of the destination system.  Note that a font in
       the metrics master can be named multiple times to create several	 logi‐
       cal fonts for one physical font.	 Example:
	      # this is a commment
	      device 8044
	      Xerox XC1-1-1 TroffClassic	 R    troffClassic.map
	      Xerox XC1-1-1 TroffMathExtra  RN	 romanNumerials.map
	      Xerox XC1-1-1 TroffMathExtra  XX	 xerox-eXtra.map

       The  *.map  files  are  used to map between XC1-1-1 and the destination
       system.	Each line should specify a different character in the  16  bit
       character  space.   The first token specifies the high-order eight bits
       in octal and the second	token  the  low-order  eight  bits  (again  in
       octal).	The third byte specifies the Troff ascender/descender informa‐
       tion and the rest of the line specifies various names for that  charac‐
       ter.  Example:
	      #char (a|de)sender  alias
	      0 041	2    !
	      0 042	2    "

       $LIB/fonts/*  fonts *.map	 mapping files

       Xerox Font Interchange Standard, XNSS 238512
       The Interpress Toolkit manual,

       Fuzzyness  about	 the  nature  of  what the DVI -> Interpress converter
       wants make the TeX mode less than perfect.  Fuzzyness about the	"easy"
       property of a master makes handling sizes non-uniform.

				    1/15/86			  IPMETRICS(1)

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